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Saturday, May 18, 2013

butter LONDON Poole - Swatches and Review (with Comparisons and Wear Test!)

*This product is Cruelty Free 

Happy Saturday! This morning I have butter LONDON Poole to show you. It's one of the newer shades from their Summer Holiday 2013 Collection.

Poole is a tiffany blue creme polish with a touch of green in the base (making it eerily similar to Chanel Nouvelle Vague, if you're familiar with that discontinued and spendy hard-to-find polish. Comparisons at the end of the post! The formula and application on this one was great and I had no issues. It's semi-self-leveling, just don't over-manipulate the 2nd coat and you won't have any issues at all. I used 2 coats and no top coat for the photos. In fact, I never actually got around to applying a top coat and when I show you what I put my nails through and how they came out of it in a bit, you're gonna faint.

butter LONDON Poole
 Continued after the jump...

butter LONDON Poole

butter LONDON Poole

And how does it compare to Chanel Nouvelle Vague?

Well you tell me...

butter LONDON Poole vs Chanel Nouvelle Vague

You can see a difference ONLY in the close-up with strong lighting - Nouvelle Vague is a touch lighter and has shimmer. But at arm's length you can't tell there's a difference at all.

And let's add one more to the mix...Elevation Polish Jengish Chokusu.

butter LONDON Poole vs Chanel Nouvelle Vague vs Elevation Polish Jengish Chokusu

Can you tell which is which now?

Index and pinkie are Poole, middle is Jengish Chokusu and ring is Nouvelle Vague.

And now for a "wear test." This morning, before I even had a chance to top coat, I played mechanic on a 12-cylinder diesel engine on the boat. I really had to "dig in" and get my hands dirty and my nails took a beating. You can tell by the cuticle area how rough I was on them. But check out the nails. Not one single chip and not even any TIP WEAR! This stuff must be made of iron. (Sorry it's a cell pic.)

butter LONDON Poole

What do you think of this one? Will you be getting it?

butter LONDON polishes are available at and selected retail stores like ULTA (and most recently, Dillard's Department Stores) and they retail for $15.00 for .4 ounces. To stay up-to-date on special deals and offers, you can "like" them on Facebook here. Poole is just one of the over 100 colors they offer, in addition to various indulgences for your hands and feet...and even your lips. The nail lacquers are 3-free and butter LONDON is a Cruelty-Free company. That's a major plus for me.   

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  1. WOAH!!! The wear test photo looks amazing!!!
    I mean - the polish is amazing LOL!!
    I have EP Jengish so I *think* I don't need BL too, but who knows... I just might find it and get it one day...

    This color looks gorgeous on you by the way!!!

  2. They both look nice :) and it looks so good after the test ;)
    Would you like to join my giveaway with Oasap

  3. That must be SO hardwearing! It looks like a great dupe for NV too :)

  4. I've been drooling over BL Sunbaker for a few weeks. Then they have to add Pitter Patter with the siren song words of "limited edition." I gave in & told hubby this can be an early b-day present. And the funniest part is I'm not a purple or orange polish fan, but each of these had that je ne sais quoi that stayed in my head for weeks.

  5. I'm amazed at the fact that you get your hands into a diesel engine and don't break a nail! Beautiful polish, btw.

  6. My Chanel NV LOOKS LIKE it has an iridescence/opalescence to it, but when you apply it, it doesn't show up at ALL...NV isn't the*only* Chanel color that seems to be packaged in an iridescent/opalescent bottle; seems like false advertising; VERY annoying at the very least, especially for the price. Of course, I have EP Jengish, too, LOL. I LOVE the comparisons--they help me save $$ !

  7. I was going to get this one, but grabbed Champers instead. Kind of wishing I'd stuck with Poole...

  8. Wow, now that's a wear test and a half!

  9. I ended up with both Jengish Chokusu and Poole, but bought at totally different times. Any preference in formula?

    1. I will always pick Elevation. Every time. But I don't think you can go wrong either way in this case. The wear test was awesome. The formula is creamier on the Elevation IMO, though.


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