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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sindulge - Cruelty-Free Products

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*These products are Cruelty Free 

Today I have a different sort of post for you. This one is about Sindulge.

These are the products I'll be reviewing for you.

Sindulge Products

Later in the post, I'll have my reviews of a few products from Sindulge but first, here's a bit about Sindulge in their own words:

What is Sindulge? Beautiful, Confident, Cruelty Free
Beautiful: Sindulge brings you beauty that fits your everyday needs, 
no matter what type of lifestyle you live. Whether you are a gal on the 
go, a stay at home parent, organic beauty aficionado or glamour gal, 
rest assured, we've got something for everyone!
Confident: Tap into your best self by learning about new techniques 
and products that suit you perfectly. The best part? Do it all with consultants 
that custom tailor your regimen, leaving you confident with the knowledge 
you need to make the best choices in your daily beauty regimen.
Cruelty Free: We're passionate about our furry friends and their rights. 
Simply put, we do not sell any form of cosmetic product that has been 
tested on animals. Through the product development to final stages, 
rest assured every product on is safe and free of any animal 

The Sindulge Way…


1Sign up using facebook.
2Complete a 2 minute beauty portrait.
3Access to live video consultations, webinars and vlogs by Troy Jensen, and a community of women just 
like you 
4Start Shopping and apply rewards towards your purchases!!
We understand that you have many choices when it comes to beauty 
products. was created to simplify this decision making 
process and provide you with unbiased expert advice to help you look 
your best. Enter the world of to experience a whole new way 
to beautiful:
  • Bonus points on purchases
  • Trend and informational videos
  • Wide product selection from today’s best cruelty-free brands
  • Product reviews
  • Sindulger exclusive product invitations
  • Member testimonials (coming soon)
  • Access to our consultants forum (coming soon)
Create a beauty portrait and select your favorite brands and products to help 
us get to know you better. Join our exclusive membership program for $15 a 
month to access your very own personal beauty consultant who will give you 
advice on everything beauty.  Our exclusive Sindulger membership gives you 
access to the following:
  • Your very own beauty consultant. Have questions about skin, makeup, 
  • products or trends, schedule an on-line video consultation.
  • Webinars provided by celebrity make-up artists
  • Double reward points
  • 30 day Money-back guarantee with free return shipping
  • inspires confidence, 

one person at a time.

Okay, now on to the products I received for review...

First up is, of course, nail polish! This is Pixi Polish by Petra in No. 11 - it's a barbie pink creme and the application and formula were great. I had no issues at all. Photos are 2 coats and no top coat.

Pixi by Petra - No. 11

Pixi by Petra - No. 11

Pixi by Petra - No. 11

Next up is the eye shadow. No one wants to see my face, I'm sure of that, so I've tested it out on my inner arm for you. I'm very pale-skinned so it's not as easy to see as I'd hoped but the application and finish was good. It went on well and I had no creasing when I wore it as proper eye shadow.

This is Pixi Fairy Light Solo No. 2 Champagne Glow...

Pixi Fairy Light Solo No. 2 Champagne Glow
Pixi Fairy Light Solo No. 2 Champagne Glow

Next up is the lip lacquer. This is Senna Sparkling Lip Lacquer in Bling Bling. "Lip Lacquer gilds lips in 24 karat sparkling gold as it keeps them kissing smooth for hours with hydrating Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil."

Again, I'm showing this on my inner arm for you. I wore this over my normal lipstick and WOW is it shiny! I expected it to be sticky, which I hate, and when I first put it on, it was, but after several minutes, it didn't feel sticky anymore. It lasted several hours, but you would have to re-apply once or twice a day.

Senna Sparkling Lip Lacquer in Bling Bling

Senna Sparkling Lip Lacquer in Bling Bling

Senna Sparkling Lip Lacquer in Bling Bling

And finally, the Senna Stardust Highlighting Powder Duo - "loose gold sparkle and pressed rose gold glow."  I tried and tried to get a decent photo of how sparkly this is, but I failed. After putting on my makeup, I used these to highlight above my cheekbones and even on my pale skin, I thought it really looked nice. It blends well and doesn't look like teenager glitter. It's soft and understated but it attracts the light and actually made me feel like I looked younger. I really need to start using more "tricks" like this.

Senna Mineral Mix - Stardust Highlighting Powder Duo

Senna Mineral Mix - Stardust Highlighting Powder Duo

Senna Mineral Mix - Stardust Highlighting Powder Duo

What do you think of these products? Of a site that sells cruelty-free products and offers free consultations? Would you be willing to try something like this?

Then there are the Sindulge "Scints." Their rewards program.

Sindulge Scints Rewards

After you complete your Beauty Portrait, you will automatically be enrolled in our Sindulge Scints (the "c" is silent) program. Earn Scints and redeem for fabulous rewards, our girt to you! Which means, you will earn equivalent to 10% of your current purchase. When you like a product on Facebook, rate and review a product or sign up for our newsletter, we will reward you. When you refer a friend and they purchase any product, we will give you 2,500 Scints, which is $25. You might as well refer your network, the odds will be in your favor. Our favorite reward is provided annually, ear 2,500 Scints, which is $25, on your special day and treat yourself to something fabulous!

The best part? There’s no expiration, redeem your points at any time…they’re yours to use 

whenever you please!

You can visit the Sindulge site here for more information or to sign's free! Soon they will be offering a paid consultation service as well, but you can still get access to the above for free.

Other links:

Sindulge on Facebook
Sindulge on Twitter
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Sindulge on Youtube

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  1. Sounds like a great website and the products look lovely! Great review!

  2. I don't like pink myself or for myself but I have to admit that pink looks gorgeous on you and is a great and beautiful pink.

    the rest is also a great choice and Yes my first priority one a beauty product cruelty free.


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