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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thrifty Thursday! with Sinful Colors Endless Blue and an Electric Blue Comparison

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product is Cruelty Free 

Good evening, it's Thrifty Thursday! Tonight I have a Sinful Colors polish for you and a few comparison photos.

Sinful Colors Endless Blue - creme, 2 coats and no top coat...

Sinful Colors Endless Blue

Sinful Colors Endless Blue

Sinful Colors Endless Blue

How does it compare to the new SinfulShine Most Sinful? Looks like I can finally use the word dupe. I haven't wear-tested them and it may be that the SinfulShine has better wear, but as far as color and formula? Dead on dupes.

Sinful Colors Endless Blue vs SinfulShine Most Sinful

Sinful Colors Endless Blue vs SinfulShine Most Sinful

And finally, how do these compare to the other "electric blues" out there? Or as my friend Jen would say - the "punch you in the mouth blues?"

Below I've compared with Dior Electric Blue and Nails Inc. Baker Street - I tossed in Revlon Royal on the thumb and Nails Inc. Southwark on the pinky.

Electric Blue Comparison

Electric Blue Comparison

It's closest to Dior Electric Blue. Baker Street is just a smidge darker and Southwark is much darker. Revlon Royal and Southwark are close to each other, but Royal is a jelly and Southwark is a crelly.

If you missed it, I also did an earlier electric blue comparison with Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB-2012 and some others.

What do you think? Do you have any of these? How is $1.99 Sinful Colors compared to $24.00 Dior? Actually, I'm not really sure how hard-to-find Dior Electric Blue is - it may be much more spendy now.

My actual favorite of all of these is Nails Inc. Southwark because it's darker, but if you want a Baker Street or Dior Electric Blue replacement? Sinful Colors Endless Blue or SinfulShine Most Sinful is your answer!

Sinful Colors and SinfulShine polishes are available at Walgreens. Some Sinful Colors are also available at select Walmart stores.

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  1. What an amazing comparison!!! Exactly what I needed to see :-D
    Thank you so much!!! now I just need to get my hands on those sinfuls.....

  2. GREAT comparison & drugstore find, Sheila! I've been wanting Dior Electric Blue for a looong time. Now I can (technically) wear that same shade with the Sinful :)

  3. Nuts! This polish is hot! Even hotter thag it's so stinkin cheap! Daaaang! I need this.


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