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Monday, May 20, 2013

Sinful Colors Sail La Vie Collection - Swatches

Personal Collection
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I just have a quick and dirty one finger swatch post for you tonight. It's late and I just keep getting "behinder and behinder!" But I wanted to show you quickly what finally showed up at my Walgreens...the Sinful Colors Sail La Vie Collection.

Sinful Colors Sail La Vie Collection

I didn't get the White or the Silver (Snow White and Out of This World, which aren't new anyway) and I'm not 100% sure the red is new. Below are the ones I picked up.

Sinful Colors Sail La Vie Collection

I couldn't get My Buoyfriend to show properly and I don't color-adjust, but it is purple.

Sinful Colors Sail La Vie Collection

Into the Blue is a crelly and Cross My Heart is a jelly. The rest are cremes. I used 2 coats of everything except Cross My Heart, which needed three. I'm not sure if I'm having an "off night" or if the formulas on these are thinner or the brushes are different or what but I had serious cuticle flooding on these, (except Cross My Heart) which hardly ever happens to me.

Sail La Vie looked just like SinfulShine Alfresco to me...

Sinful Colors Sail La Vie vs SinfulShine Alfresco

Sinful Colors Sail La Vie vs SinfulShine Alfresco

Sinful Colors Sail La Vie vs SinfulShine Alfresco

I stared at them so long I'm not sure still! BUT, I *think*  Sail La Vie might be a smidge deeper?

What do you think of these? Have they shown up in your area yet? I will try to get full swatches soon, but I can't promise anything right now. Lots more to show you!

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  1. Behinder and behinder... I love that expression! I know how you feel and I don't even get the amount of stuff sent for review that you do!! The one finger swatches look great and give enough of a sense of what the polish looks like.

  2. They look exactly the same to me. Is SinfulShine a copy brand or...?

    1. SinfulShine is Sinful Color's line of "gel-like" polishes. They're regular polishes but are supposed to last and shine longer like a Gel Mani would.

  3. I think your one finger swatches are just fine! Knock these off your list! ♥

  4. Alfresco is just a teeny bit lighter. But they are so close that I don't think both are needed. Thanks for the post.


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