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Monday, May 6, 2013

Can Tears be Happy AND Sad at the Same Time?

Well, it's been a few days now so I'm feeling better about it. My foster pup, Bailey, has gone to her forever home and while that's a GOOD thing, I still cried like a baby. 

She went to a great home with a kiddo, a couple of other dogs (including a pup) and even a cat. She is in Heaven, I'm sure. Perfect for a dog like Bailey who loves to play.

I first got Bailey when her so-called family moved away in the middle of the night in JULY (100 degree heat) and left her. No water, no food, no shelter and she was, from all estimates, about 6 weeks old.


Just look at this baby!

Baby Bailey

Well, of course I couldn't say no. I have two great dogs and they are both great with other dogs. But Twinks decided the minute she saw her that she wasn't having ANY of it. She wanted to kill her. I've loved dogs my entire life. And I've introduced lots of dogs. They used to call me Ellie Mae because of how animals respond to me. I know dogs. And if I couldn't make it work, wasn't going to work. Ever. After several attempts, I gave up and realized that Bailey would have to be a foster dog and set about trying to find her a great home.

We played the doggie shuffle here at Chez Sheila for a long time. And Bailey grew.


And finally the day came. Great family with plenty of doggie love to give and a kid and other dogs to play with!

Bailey is so smart. That morning, she KNEW something was up and followed me around like, well, like a puppy-dog! She followed me around with her favorite toy in her mouth - like she was saying "Are they here yet?"

Almost like she KNEW!

These are the last photos I took of her.

It's like she's smiling!

I know the family and they live in the next town over, so it's not like I can never see her again. And I am SO happy for her. But it's still a bit empty here without her. Her new mommy texted me that night to tell me that she was settling in fine and she was playing tug of war with her toy and the puppy!

If you ever considered fostering, or even providing a forever home, I can tell you that ANY money,  trouble or heartache is FAR outweighed by the love and joy they bring into your life. 

So worth it.

I can also tell you I'm better at being the forever home than I am at fostering. I have a hard time with the good-bye part.

Oh, and my other adopted/rescue dogs wanted to say HI!

Murphy and Twinks


  1. This is such a heart-warming post. Bailey is so lucky that you are the one that found her and saved her. I'm so glad she found a forever home and will love a long and happy life, thanks to you. ♥

  2. Awww how awesome that you did that! And Bailey is gorgeous! Glad to hear she's happy in her new home. I rescue and love dogs as well. :) I also have a hard time with the goodbyes. :(

  3. Literally in tears with you - what a precious face! I'm so happy you rescued this sweet fur baby and helped her get a happy home. You have such a loving heart <3

  4. What a beautiful doggie!!! I'm glad she's happy in her new home.

  5. Awwww. Sniff. HUGS to ((((((((YOU)))))))))). What a great foster mom you are! Look how beautiful and happy she is. What a blessing.

  6. I don't think I could do fostering, but I completely admire the people who do.

  7. All my dogs are rescues. I tried fostering once, and I'm just not built for it. I'll continue to adopt rescue dogs, though!

  8. awww..): sniff.. bailey is a gorgeous dog and she is blessed to have you as her foster mom!

    I follow Foster Dad John(he fosters kittens and has a live kitten camera) and I would still cry whenever the animals are going to their furever home. I understand how you feel even though I've never fostered!

  9. Aww, I completely understand. You have been a wonderful foster mom for her. :) She's gorgeous and she looks so happy!

  10. I just got a rescue dog too and it really does make a huge difference in our lives. Lovely post- I totally understand the both happy and sad tears part!

  11. Awww, this made ME cry! I'm so happy for your little girl and I'm glad you'll be able to see her in the future. I admire you for embracing your love of animals and helping a pup in need <3

  12. 2 of our dogs were rescue dogs & the third felt a bit like it because of what we found out abt her after we brought her home. Was told she'd had her shots, dewormed, etc. but none of that had been done. There were several times we thought we were going to lose her.
    Like several others have posted, I'm not built for fostering - I really struggle with the goodbyes. Sitting here in tears as I write this post. I admire those that are able to foster & then send them on to their forever home! Unfortunately both of my boys are allergic to cats & dogs. I hope they outgrown those allergies as they both desperately want a dog.
    Yes, tears can be happy & sad ones all at the same time!

  13. Awww, its sad but happy both at once. Sorry its so hard - but glad to hear she is settling in well in her new home!

  14. Thank you for rescuing this beautiful puppers and readying her for her forever home.

  15. Oh my, she's such a beautiful dog (happy, smiling) and you made her life beautiful too! You deserve a hug! Lots of hugs! I think she'll always remember and love you. <3

  16. Awww...what a gorgeous girl! And she was so lucky to have found you. At least you'll still get to see her. <3

  17. You are an absolute angel. In October I took in a rescue dog and gave her her forever home. I can't imagine having to say goodbye to heart would break. I started crying just reading your post! It takes a special type of hero--yes, hero--to give their heart as a foster mom knowing they will have to give the darling up some day. You have my deepest respect. :)

  18. i love that she knew! so wonderful xx


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