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Friday, November 9, 2012

Pure Ice Velours

There are 11 new Pure Ice "Velours" in the display that STILL hasn't made it to my Walmart. There are also lots of other new ones in a couple of other Pure Ice collections in that elusive display - called The Runway Nail Trends and are Limited Edition. There are 55 new polishes divided into five collections: Velour Finish, Diamond Couture, French Trends, Metro Chic and Party Glam.

Thanks to my friend Ashley at Ashley is PolishAddicted, I now have the four Velour Finish ones I knew I was going to want for sure. Those are what I'm going to show you really quickly tonight. (Yes, I'll be calling them "mattes" and "velvets" from now on rather than velours. Won't be able to help it.)

Firstly, the velours consist of eleven polishes:

Ruffled Sheets - silver
Femme Fatale - forest green
Black Velour - black
Blue Midnight - blue
Over the Top - gilded/bronzed gold
Crushed - gold
Grunge - silvered pink
Touch Me Softly - mulberry/red-violet
Stunning - hot pink
Draped - coral
Temptress - purple with gold flecks

I have Blue Midnight, Touch Me Softly, Grunge and Stunning to show you.

Pure Ice Velours

The application on these was really great. No issues AT ALL! I used two coats and no top coat, of course, and they seem to adhere well and so far, no chips or even tip wear.

Pure Ice Velours

Pure Ice Velours

Pure Ice Velours

Pure Ice Velours

Pure Ice Touch Me Softly

My favorite, of course, is Touch Me Softly. It's my favorite nail polish color family. Pure Ice polishes are available at Walmart and for just under $2 each. 

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  1. UGH of course they haven't made it to my Walmart either!! I keep checking religiously :( I want some of the chunky glitters too! These look great on you :D

  2. Gorgeous!! We don't have any of the new colors at my Walmart yet, plus the Pure Ice section is a huge mess :(

  3. They made it to at least one of mine and have been almost cleared out :/ got my hands on Femme Fatale...would love to get the purple/gold one!

  4. Oh wow, they're super pretty all of them!!

  5. Beautiful! My two favourites would be Grunge and Touch Me Softly. And of course this are beyond my reach :(

  6. Beautiful!
    I love the purple one!

  7. These are so cool! I'm definitely going to have to pick up a few! xoxo

  8. Damn woman!!! How many more lemmings will you create for me????? The finish on these remind me of OPI Suedes which I absolutely adore!!! I'm hiding my wallet!!! :))

  9. I've been finding Pure Ice at Walgreen's too. Don't know if they have these yet.


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