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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nail of the Day: Water Marble

Good evening! Sorry I haven't posted sooner but basically I fell into a vat of polish and it took me forever to clean up the mess! Well not really, but I am really not good at nail art, especially water marbles, which I LOVE, so I tried and tried and tried. Finally I all but gave up and didn't tape my fingers the last time around. And that's the one I ended up using. So I had quite a mess to clean up.

I used Nails Inc. Southwark, ELECTRIC blue crelly, Nails Inc. Westminster, medium-to-dark violet purple, and a plain white creme.

Water Marble with Nails Inc. Southwark and Westminster and Pure Ice Superstar

What do you think? Do you water marble? I bet I've watched 1000 how-to videos and I STILL have such a hard time.

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  1. So cute!! Your ring finger looks like a butterfly!

  2. Wow! may I say it looks a little like Union jack marbled version! It's really good.

  3. This looks beautiful!!! Good job! =)

  4. Great job! Mine never come close to any pattern at all;)

  5. Looks beautiful! I tried some months ago, again and again, a whole afternoon, and had to give up. Luckily my boyfriend saw what I was doing, and suggested that I should stop using my favourites...


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