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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

State of the Blog Ramble

Howdy everyone! Not sure if many of you have read any of my "stream of consciousness" stuff or general ramblings, but every now and then I just get stuff all stuck inside and it refuses to do anything but spew out onto the page with enough force to knock out even decent grammar and punctuation, about which I am generally a stickler. Verbal vomit.

Most of the time I reserve these for middle-of-the-night emails to my best friends because I know they'll forgive me. But sometimes I figure it's okay to let others know what a mess of a nutjob I can be. People are going to make fun and tear down and fabricate and come up with pseudo-diagnoses anyway so from time to time I figure it's okay to toss them a bone. I don't eat raisin bran because it makes me feel nutty when I count how many raisins in each spoon and realize it I have to chew them evenly on each side. If one bare foot steps on the cold tile, the other one HAS to or I'm "uneven." I can remember when Gregory Peck's birthday was and still quote Shakespearean sonnets verbatim but I can't remember which nail polish I ordered yesterday. The more my heart is breaking - the more deeply something affects me, the less I am able to cry. I can, however, cry at a coffee commercial.

So for those who can't abide long, disjointed, rambling rantings with poor grammar and ultimately no point, click out now and come back later this evening for more nail polish swatches! No hard feelings!

This isn't really what I'd call a rant because I've actually had a pretty good day. I've been going through some real heavy-duty stress for about a week and if anyone ever tells you that stress doesn't do all sorts of weird crap to you physically, tell them they are full of it. Then whack 'em upside the head. It absolutely DOES. I've been so messed up and sick that I thought I was having a heart attack. Like really thought that, not just something to say for effect. And I thought I had a really bad stomach virus or even food poisoning. I won't get into detail about THAT. You're welcome. But it was all just brought on by stress.  I've lost 6 pounds since last Tuesday and yesterday was the first day I wanted to or could eat and keep anything in for longer than about 30 minutes.

My brain was so fried that last night that when I went to grab a fresh Coke from the fridge to put in my koozie, I grabbed the gallon of milk and poured it into my empty koozie and just stood there stunned as it came out the bottom hole all over my leg and foot. "Not hitting on all eight" is an understatement. Thankfully things are mostly sorted out now. Stress is waning. Normalcy is just around the corner I think.

I have a love-hate relationship with my mailman. I love that he brings me new pretties. I hate that he's such a lazy moron sometimes.

This is what happened a while back...

It was wedged in there so tightly that all I could do was put my arm through the top opening and hope to push it out from the back. Thing is, there are screws sticking down from the top part that holds the name plate. Ripped my hand open.

Yesterday, I went to the mailbox and retrieved the mail. Great no problems. So I thought. Until I went out around 5 pm to leave in the car. I have another car sitting outside in the driveway that he knows I don't drive right now because he's asked me about buying it from me himself! So I see that he's put a box that wouldn't fit in the box on top of the trunk. It's exactly 7.5 feet from where he stood to put that box to my COVERED, as in sheltered from the hot Texas sun, front porch. It was polish but it also had what used to be chocolate in it. It was 95° F here yesterday!

Yes, I live in a small, Po-Dunk town and if I complained, I'm pretty sure the results would be opposite of what I was going for so I'm leaving it for now and just hoping for the best.

When I awoke this morning things felt better. More like my brain might be functioning and food might no longer be the enemy! Woot! I'm so behind on my nail polish swatches because I had the shakes so badly that all I made was a big mess. So today I got several swatches done right off and got another post up this morning. Breakfast and coffee were great. Swatched a few more polishes. I washed the car. Something's been wrong with my car's AC for a while now - blows just hot air and when I tried to put freon in it, it was showing FULL and since every now and then it does work properly, I know it can't be anything that major. So I checked out the manual for the lil drawing of where the fuses and relays were under the hood and picked out the relay for the AC clutch, which is where I thought was a good guess at where to start. $14 later my AC in my car is working GREAT! Which is good because it's already in the 90s here.

Little Miss Bailey McStubborndog chewed completely through the cord on my new steam sweeper thing a month or so ago. Today, I found the electrical tape and the wire cutters and wire stripper and fixed it! Go me.

Had to stop by the grocery store for some salt and coffee filters. Random, I know. But those are the two things that I've been needing and forgetting for at least a few months now. My "grocery store" just happens to be a Super Walmart. Yes, I know. It's horrible. And I HATE to go, but since it was a decent day, I figured I might as well tempt fate a little more. The "new" Pure Ice display that everyone in the US got EXCEPT my Walmart? They had it. Of course it's AFTER I find out for sure that Pure Ice is on my NON Cruelty-Free list. <sad face>  They've had the display up for the new Hard Candy polishes for about 5 weeks now. Empty. Tonight it was FILLED! I didn't have a basket and my store no longer has those lil hand-carry baskets you can just run and grab. So I filled up the bottom of my shirt (like a little girl carrying apples in her skirt) and I carried them to the register like that. Yes I did. Hey, it's Walmart. Hahaha! And I was layered so it wasn't THAT bad.

Blurry cell pic...

Since I can now feel hunger and be reasonably safe in assuming that I can keep down what I eat, I got a sudden and furious craving for salmon patties. So we high-tailed it home and that's what I made for dinner. Which made my guy happy because they're so quick and he loves them.

A happy guy, a full and not queasy tummy, snuggles from the furbabies, new nail polish, a car AC that works properly now, a steam sweeper that I fixed myself and plenty of time for swatching and posting tonight and I would be a happy camper.

Well I would be...except that I just ripped a hole in my finger and bled all over my pants. And it's on my swatching hand. So if you see a bandaid in the photos, please excuse it!

If you're still hanging in there after all of that, you really must be super bored. So here's a photo of my baby - Bailey as a wee pup. Who can resist puppeh belleh?

And cord chewing!

Stay tuned for more nail polish!

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  1. I'm the opposite of you when it comes to stress and food :( I gain weight. NOT THAT I NEED TO! I completely understand the need for verbal vomit though, so I'm just glad that the stress is waning and you feel a bit better on the whole!

  2. It's been too long since you had a rambling on here - I never get enough. ♥

  3. Hey, everybody needs to vent and tell everyone how rotten life can be. And, I have been there with both the mail AND the pets, so know you have support out there in the ethos...

  4. Sorry you've been having such a hard time lately. We've all been there for the most part, so I think we all understand needing to rant a bit. :) I hope you get feeling even better soon :)

  5. Love it!! Keep the ramblings coming!! Good therapy, eh?

  6. Love it!! Keep the ramblings coming!! Good therapy, eh?

  7. This was a good ramble! I'm glad you had such successes today, even if you have a battle wound to go along with them! :) My mailman put a box in my little cubby-hole mailbox (it's in a bank of other ones, I don't get to determine how big it is or even which one I get) that was THE EXACT SIZE OF THE CUBBY (like, at most 1/8" of space around each side). How the bejesus am I supposed to get it out, exactly? So I ended up destroying it with my utility knife and extreme prejudice in -30˚ weather, as those recycled styrofoam peanuts spewed EVERYWHERE. Good times!

    1. I don't get to pick my size either - I live right on a highway so the mailboxes have to be standard size and on a break-away pole instead of a cute 4 x 4 post. But the mail carriers...WHY do they DO that? Arrghhh!!!

  8. I stress eat. Everything and anything in sight. Horrible.

    I am happy to hear that you are feeling better. Just wanted to say: If you are feeling stressed, do not EVER feel like the blog is another chore on your never-ending list. Take a break, feel better. We obviously love your posts but they should come from a happy blogger!

    1. So far the blog has NEVER been a chore. Usually it helps me - like a place to ramble tonight! I love it so far and when it's not fun anymore I'll take a break or hang it up. So far so good though! ♥

  9. Sometimes we just need to vent... It helps so much.

  10. Hang in there! Stress can do weird things to body and mind; I've tried storing the milk in the cereal cabinet before ;) And hey, we should merge weather - it's freezing here in Wisconsin, so between us we'd have the perfect spring! Thank you for your blogging! :)

  11. You guys ROCK! Thanks for all your comments! ♥

  12. herding words can be like herding cats sometimes so go you for makin em stick together & swatching too - specially with queasie tum and confusing postman, etc. :)

  13. I was intimidated at first by the length of this post, but I actually read it all through! (and now I feel so proud of my english abilities LOL) and it was fun and soooooooooooo easy to sympathies with and I enjoyed it greatly!
    I also got some explanations to a thing or two of the last week's occurances :-P

    But what I am really left with right now is a huge admiration for you: the wire cutter and the wire stripper did that to me.
    Personally, I don't even think I would know which is which, and I do like to consider myself somewhat handy when needed.
    Way to go!!!

  14. Haha, I love this ramble. The Walmart story is too funny. No handbaskets because they want you to take cart (and then fill up all that space)? FINE, I'LL CARRY THEM IN MY SHIRT.

  15. Hehehe loved it. So funny and cute. And no one can resist puppy bellies. :) Sheesh about the mailman though! I mean really, it's not that difficult to walk the couple steps to your porch! Silly people. Common sense really is a super power these days.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Sorry you were feeling ill, but I'm glad you are feeling better now. :)

    You are my hero!
    I can't believe you fixed your AC. That is amazing! I wish I was more handy!

  18. I can't even describe to you how much I relate to this post. especially the lazy moron mailman and counting raisins and chewing them evenly. Thanks for sharing! The other week, I poured my coffee cup at work full of cream instead of coffee...


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