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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Koh Colours! Blue Universe - Swatches and Review

Another "from the vault" one I swatched a while back - Koh Blue Universe!

According to Koh Colours! all of their polishes are infused with topaz to give them a hard and lasting finish. Koh is a Dutch cosmetics company. Blue Universe is a darkened navy blue jelly base with multi-chrome flakes that shift from copper to gold to green to blue and silver micro-glitter. Application was good and I had opacity in two coats. Photos here are shown without top coat, but I do recommend a top coat for the Koh flakies polishes like this one and Black Stars. No issues to report.

Koh Colours! Blue Universe

Koh Colours! Blue Universe

Koh Colours! Blue Universe

Koh Colours! Blue Universe

Koh Colours! Blue Universe

Koh Colours! Blue Universe - in the bottle

These polishes are a bit harder to come by for those of us in the States, but they can be ordered directly from the Koh Colours! website if you fancy a bit of a challenge. It's certainly doable. The shipping can be a killer though. Thankfully these were obtained via a swap with a sweetheart of a nail polish addict in Europe. They retail from €14,95 to €19,95.

Have you tried Koh yet? what do you think of it? 

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  1. I don't see a like button in my mobile or web version but I'm loving your KOH swatches. Did you ever swatch Fire or any others in the Element collection?


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