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Thursday, August 23, 2012

GOSH Green Hawaii - Swatches and Review

This evening I'll be showing you GOSH Green Hawaii.

Green Hawaii is a bright apple green with holographic glitters. Application was a bit streaky, lumpy and uneven and even with two coats, I still had drag spots. The holographic glitters made the texture rough because rather than being suspended in the polish, they all rise to the top and even with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Poshe it was still rough. For a polish that seemed like it would be so pretty, I was disappointed in nearly everything about it. Especially the grittiness.

GOSH Green Hawaii

GOSH Green Hawaii

GOSH Green Hawaii - blurred to show holo glitters

GOSH Green Hawaii

What do you think of this one? Do you have it and if so, did you have the same experience I did?

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  1. I had this one and didn't care for it either. All the same reasons. It's a shame too bc it had so much potential.

  2. Well that is disappointing. I guess I can take it off my wishlist. It still looks pretty on you though, the color is gorgeous.

  3. You know who makes a good green apple shimmer polish? :P

    1. I sure do!!!

  4. I have it and I don't remember having these problems...I loved it - but I obviously need to revisit it having seen this. I remember feeling this way with Cult Nails Always Winning, they actually look very similar in the bottle, but they are totally different on the nail. Hmmm, this may call for a comparison post later this week on my blog...

  5. Gorgeous! Makes me want to have an apple. It's a bummer that it's causing so many problems though.

    Boston Princess


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