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Friday, August 31, 2012

Doctor Who Collaboration Mani!

A bunch of us bloggers got together for the premier of the new season of Doctor Who to do Doctor Who-themed manis! I am a true, die-hard Whovian, so this was right up my alley...


I really am NOT good at nail art. Hrmmmm...what to do? Well it's Doctor Who, so I had to give it a shot! Hopefully the rest of you Whovians will cut me some slack with the "nail art" attempt. ♥ So, please be nice!

I initially thought I'd cheat and pull out this older photo from when I got my iPhone case. The Scottish flag could be in honor of MY Doctor, David Tennant, the Scot.

But I decided to give it a real try, so I started with a blase of Nails Inc. Tudor Way...

Nails Inc. Tudor Way as my base

Then I built up "galaxy nails" and a vortex on the thumb with one of the Dr. Who logos on the accent nail. I was fairly happy with the galaxy nails, but I streaked the logo with my top coat. Always too impatient!

Then I decided to see what kind of job I did when I was practicing when I first found out about the collaboration...

I decided it didn't really make much difference. Practice did not "make perfect" for me. Hahaha! But I had fun trying.

Check out the real nail art by visiting all of the other participants in the links below!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. They turned out great, Sheila!

  2. Love it, Sheila! Color me impressed!

  3. Love it! You did a great job - Mr. Tennant would be proud!

  4. Love it! I also did galaxy themed who nails... they went with my TARDIS dress :D My Doctor is Christopher but David is pretty damn good too!

  5. David is definitely my doctor. But then again, Christopher was my first one, so he has a special place in my heart as well! :) You did an amazing job at this. I especially love the galaxy themed nails! :D

    ...and what an awesome phonecase! I seriously need to get me one of those.

  6. Are you kidding?? Sheila your mani is AWESOME!!!!!
    Your galaxy is amazing and the vortex is super cool!! Even the logo looks great and it speaks the same language as the entire mani!
    Well, on your practice mani it does not IMO... so I do think practice made better ;-))

  7. looks FAB especially your vortex ! (never said that in a comment before) x

  8. I LOVE this and it's fantastic!!!

  9. I am with Miss Crumpet - the vortex is totally awesome!!


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