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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chanel Blue Boy - Wear Test

You've all seen Chanel Blue Boy gracing blog pages since Fashion's Night Out last year, so with this post I'm just going to show you a wear test.

A very lovely friend sent Blue Boy to me so I had to do a full mani with it straight away. And I love it! Thanks so much A!  ♥ Blue Boy is like a great pair of jeans. Dusty grey-based medium blue. Great formula, two medium coats for opacity.

I type. A LOT. So I have tip wear pretty much immediately - even when I wrap the tips. With most polishes, it's not that bad and I can go a day without it bothering me TOO much. Some, like RBL No More War, wear so badly that 3 hours later I'm itching to change it out.

So how did Chanel Blue Boy do? My long-time readers know that I think Chanel is "hit and miss" as far as formula. Some are outstanding and some I didn't care for at all. So much so that I gifted them or swapped them away. But I have to give it to them...when they're good, they're VERY good.

I'm into the third day and it's actually great!  I did not wrap the tips and these photos are with 2 coats of color and one coat of Poshe top coat.

Chanel Blue Boy - tip wear day 3

Chanel Blue Boy - tip wear day 3

Chanel Blue Boy - tip wear day 3

Chanel Blue Boy - tip wear day 3

So there you have it. As you can see, there is tip wear. But it's really not very noticeable. Especially when it's not a close-up camera shot. I'm very very pleased. Granted, I didn't do a lot. But I did the normal dishes, taking care of the dogs (and a new puppy,) light laundry, etc. No bathroom scrubbing. Saving that awful stuff until Monday morning. (Unless someone wants to come do it for me *grin*)

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  1. That is amazing wear for 3 days!! And I absolutely love that shade of blue on you! ♥

  2. This looks amazing on you as always. This was my first complete set of Chanel to match my Dior's love these three

  3. That's impressive! :) A beautiful color!

  4. I am not a big Chanel polish fan due to the cost. But I love this shade. I am always looking for another one in this hue to better ones I have.

    1. BTW - nice friend to have sent it to you - ask if they want to send out another bottle to me!!!

  5. really nice shade of blue, I really like this one. I'm about the same way - tip damage same day, lots of typing, housework, etc. I recently tried out Julep Eva and Renee for a review and they lasted about 3 days, also! Day 4 I had major chipping, but day 3 was fantastic :)

  6. I have a couple favorite shades I love too much to give up, all vamps, that don't hold up well to tip wear. I save them for when it's time to file down. I just file the tip wear off at night and run the brush along the edge only. I gives me a couple days wear and since I'm not fond of filing either, it makes that less of a chore too.


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