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Monday, August 20, 2012

Wet n Wild Magnetics - with Don't Break the Circuit

Saw this display in my Walgreens this evening.

So I had to pick up a few to check them out.

I grabbed:
Igniting the Spark - purple
Drawn Together by Force - green
Don't Break the Circuit - blue

I tried out their magnet and the 3-way China Glaze one I have. They all work just fine, although I do prefer the China Glaze magnet because it has a little tab to rest against your cuticle to keep it steady. The Wet n Wild ones don't. Quick swatches of all three...

Wet n Wild Magnetics

Wet n Wild Magnetics

And I ended up putting on Don't Break the Circuit to wear tomorrow.

Wet n Wild Magnetics - Don't Break the Circuit

Wet n Wild Magnetics - Don't Break the Circuit

Wet n Wild Magnetics - Don't Break the Circuit

EDITED TO ADD: The blue stains like MAD!

The formula on these three was good. No issues. I had plenty of time to use the magnet and didn't have to re-do/re-try on any of the nails.

They were $4.99 each. Have you tried them yet?

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  1. These are very pretty! And I can't believe you chose the blue over the purple and the green!

  2. These are some of the nicest magnetic colours I've seen. Nice and bright =)


  3. Very pretty, I am impressed with the quality; a bit pricey though but totally worth it.

  4. Very nice! That blue is gorgeous! You know, you are starting to become my go-to blog for polish information! ;o)

  5. Haven't tried these yet but I suspect I will!
    I love how very clear the pattern turned on your nails!


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