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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Comparison Request - Dior Camel vs Nails Inc. Oakley Street

I had a few requests for this one after the Nails Inc. Oakley Street post. How close is it to Dior Camel?

Well they're totally different. Both gorgeous though!

Nails Inc. Oakley Street vs Dior Camel (on accent nail)

Nails Inc. Oakley Street vs Dior Camel (on accent nail)

I used Dior Camel on the accent nail. And I liked it so I actually left it that way for another day.

TO BE FAIR - I'd been wearing that Oakley Street mani for 2 days, so it was a little beat up. Just trying to show the color differences.

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  1. Love the accent nail effect! You've just reminded me to dig Camel out again, it's the only nail colour I actually had on special order and I've only worn it once, how shameful!

    I just adore your blog, you have amazing nails!


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