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Saturday, November 22, 2014

I Survived Black Friday Collaboration Box 2014 : Swatches and Review

*These products are Cruelty Free 

Life is so contradictory. I find it nearly impossible to believe it's almost Thanksgiving - the months fly by. But the weeks last forever LOL! I thought this weekend would never get here. And one of the good things it brings is that I finally get to show you the Limited Edition I Survived Black Friday Collaboration Box 2014. And it also reminds me to make sure I don't leave the house next Friday. Some people thrive on days like that, but I have no desire to stress myself out and get "trampled by a shopping cart!" I'll just stay home,  do my nails and shop online, thanks.

Two launch times: 12:01am and 1pm (EST)

Four powerhouse indies have come together to bring you a sweet holographic box of happy: Sara with Cupcake Polish, Missi with DIFFERENT dimension, Jill with Glisten & Glow and Linda with NailVinyls™.

I Survived Black Friday
Collaboration Box 2014

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I didn't even know where to start first! Left Brain said "OH Shiny!" and wanted to put everything on at once. So I let Right Brain decide and went alphabetically.

Cupcake Polish Trampled by a Shopping Cart - This one is a lavender purple with a strong linear holo. The holo arc is predominantly gold with a violet blue center. I'm also seeing micro-flakes in what I think are pink and gold or silver? The micro-flakes really set this one off in the shade. No issues with formula or application at all. Two coats with one coat of HK Girl top coat.



DIFFERENT dimension Up All Night - This one is a deep teal linear holographic with blue holo arc and blue "sparks" that might be micro-flakes or glass fleck? Creamy smooth formula - no issues at all. Two coats with one coat of HK Girl top coat for the photos.



Glisten & Glow First in Line - This one is a medium purple linear holographic with what appears to be gold micro-flakes. Formula was smooth and easy and I had no issues at all. Creamy! Two coats with one coat of HK Girl top coat for the photos.



NailVinyls™ Shop Til You Drop Holographic Nail Decals - There are 2 full sheets of shopping-related holographic nail decals - 1 gold and 1 silver. Shoes, boots, purses (squee!) nail polish bottles, perfume atomizers, lipsticks, dollar symbols and price tags!

I've used the regular NailVinyls™ with great success and the decals/stickers for Halloween were awesome. These are a bit different than what she usually does. They are decals/stickers, so you leave them on the nail and the holographic makes them a bit stiffer than the other products I've tried from her. I wanted to show as many as possible on the nail so you could see, but for a full mani I'll probably go with "less is more" and wear on an accent nail. Keep in mind my nails are skinny, so for optimum "stickage" the middle of the nail is best. I've used several over all three shades with 2 coats of HK Girl top coat.

Here I have silver ones: a nail polish wand, a boot, a purse and a full nail polish bottle over Cupcake Polish Trampled by a Shopping Cart.

Here I've used gold and silver over Glisten & Glow First In Line: Nail polish bottle and wand, a purse, a perfume atomizer and a shoe.

And finally I lined up lipsticks like I keep them in my lipstick drawer on the first two nails. I like lipstick. Surprise surprise. You can see they wanted to pull up a bit on the sides because I have a high arch but most of you will be wearing them normally, in the middle of the nail and they stick fine that way. Middle nail is the dollar symbol and a nail polish bottle on the pinkie. All over DIFFERENT dimension Up All Night.


What do you think? Holy Holo, right? Being so pale, some shades are harder for me to wear and while I know it's not true, darker skin-tones seem to be able to wear anything. (Grass is always greener?) So I was so happy to see that all the shades included in this box were all totally wearable, not only for my pale, cool skin but any skin-tone. And yeah, I can't possibly pick a favorite so it's a good thing they all come as a set.

I've told you how I plan on surviving Black Friday - staying home! How to YOU survive it?

Two launch times: 12:01am and 1pm (EST)

These will be available at all 4 shops at the times listed above and they retail for $40 per box. A great gift to get your nails through the holiday season or a great gift to give. Links below. Be sure and check out the shops and give them a follow on social media for all the latest info! These are very limited quantities, so mark the times and don't miss out.

Cupcake Polish: Shop - Facebook - Instagram
DIFFERENT dimension: Shop - Facebook - Instagram
Glisten & Glow: Shop - Facebook - Instagram
NailVinyls™: Shop - Facebook - Instagram

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