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Sunday, November 23, 2014

What's Your Favorite Nail Polish Shade?

Nothing to Disclose 

Everyone is always asking "What's your favorite color?" Well that's impossible to answer. For Clothing? Purses? Cars? It's different for everything. I wouldn't want a violet orchid car, after all.

And for nail polish? Well, that's nearly impossible as well because it depends on my mood, what I'm wearing, the weather, etc. And thankfully because there are SO MANY shades, we don't have to choose!

I love browns. And greys. And taupes! But if I just had to pick one that is my "favorite" more often than browns or greys are my favorites? Violet berry orchid. No, I do not mean purple. And no, I do not mean pink. Technically, it's between red-violet and purple but people get the wrong image in their heads when you say that, so I call it violet berry orchid. Pretty much most shades in the violet family are my favorites. But get one bit too much pink in it and I'm out. Or too much blue? Nope. I love almost ALL colors, but not all of them are my "favorite."


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I've gathered up a few of my favorites in this color family...ones I didn't have to go into drawers and boxes for, that is.

And just a few photos I was able to grab easily from my pinterest boards.(You can check them all out in the link.)

Well that's mine! For now anyway.

What's YOUR favorite nail polish color family?

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  1. Fun fact: that's one of the few colors I don't wear on my nails :) there is nothing wrong with the color, but it really clashes with my skintone.
    I love greens. Especially dark saturated ones - pine, moss, emerald.

  2. Well I KNEW that was your favorite color. I actually think there is a Sheswai in that color family that you are missing! My favorite color, which I think you already know as well, is red-orange (or any shade that falls in the red OR orange famillies).

  3. Icy blues or even blue-leaning grey. RBL's Reveillon and BL Lady Muck are two prime examples. Coming closely after that are springy greens like Chanel Jade and RBL Fire Queen.

  4. Dark purple shimmer. I have finally accepted the fact that I'm going to end up with 10 gazillion bottles of dark purple shimmer nail polish, each only the tiniest hair different from each other, and I'm going to adore them all.

    1. same for me except it's Purple holo for me, I have a ton of them and keep buying, so many near/dupes..and love them all :)

  5. I love that color but it makes me look green! So, green makes me look less green! Haha, hence it is one of my faves. Those dark luscious forest greens through to army green. Those are my bag.

  6. I love purples and darker colors in the winter.

  7. Purple, but ALL the purples. Lilac, lavender, mauve, violet, orchid, neon purple, mulberry, aubergine, royal purple, even indigo.

  8. Definitely the vampy red family! Oohh what is your favorite violet berry orchid Chanel? :)

  9. You wouldn't want a violet orchid car? Are you crazy? lol

    I seem to have more blues than anything else but wonder if that's more because I went through a phase of blue buying. I'm pretty mixed with what I wear though - I try and go for something completely different to what I've just removed when I do a new mani.

  10. Grey, definitely. I love how it's usually subtle but still has some edge :)

  11. In this season, I am loving the red-browns, burgundies, and greys. In Spring and Summer, I love the magentas, violet orchids, greens, and bright reds of all shades. And always like those silver-good neutrals and pale lavenders. The color that likes me least is blue, apart from those brilliant blues like Baker's Street. And I tend to wear purples less too unless they are the really brilliant ones.

  12. My favourite nail colour is very similar to yours but maybe a little darker and a little bluer!


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