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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Thankfulness: Day 5 Chocolate!

Nothing to Disclose

There were so many things I wanted to try to do for The Digit-al Dozen Thankfulness Week. So many things for which to be thankful. HUGE things, and the little things. It's weeks like these I realize how limited I still am with my nail art, scaling painting down to 10 tiny little bits of keratin as a canvas.

I tried a few things and ended up running out of time and what was on my nails when the countdown ended is what you get. I'll show you the ones I didn't use at the end.


Chocolate Nail Art


Yes, I had a break and had to "nubbinize." I'm not what you'd call a true "chocoholic" but I do appreciate a smooth, yummy bit of chocolate now and again. Plain milk chocolate for me. While I can appreciate a gourmet bit of swiss milk chocolate as much as the next guy, I'm also just as happy with a Hershey's Kiss. Although the toffee in a good ol' Heath Bar is my favorite. And don't, under any circumstance, get me a "box of chocolates." There are like 2 pieces from the box I'll eat. LOL!

For this mani I used Zoya Emilia as my base on the fingers and Zoya Nyssa and Spencer (the base on my thumb) and the "foil" wrapper is Different Dimension Silver Lining. The 4 fingers are a quick and easy spray marble using rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Double-dipped with Nyssa and then Spencer.

What's your favorite chocolate?

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And the ones I didn't use?

Purple Heart. I just wasn't loving it.

"Jellyfish" mani...I couldn't figure out how to work it into the thankfulness theme. I live right on the coast and the coastal waters are infested with jellyfish, especially this time of year. But I'm not sure that's something I'm particularly thankful for LOL!


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  1. Love this! I have been craving chocolate for 2 days and you just made it worse. LOL! I like plain milk chocolate the best too, although I like white chocolate occasionally. No dark chocolate for me though!

  2. First of all - the thumb with the foil kisses is freaking awesome! Oh my gosh, adorable and wonderful. Secondly, your jellyfish mani is totally gorgeous, like, completely awe inspiring! Wow, girl!!!

  3. This is perfection! Thank you so much for sharing. I hardly ever eat chocolate, but you had me craving it! Your nails look super creamy and I especially like the kisses on your thumb. Also love the jellyfish!

  4. Oh I love the jellyfish manicure! Beautiful colors pop on that black. The chocolate manicure is great too.

  5. Wow, Sheila, I love the jellyfish mani. Having been stung by jellyfish I can see your point though in not putting it in as a thankfulness mani =D
    Love your chocolate mani too, I adore milk chocolate myself, and white, ohhh any chocolate will do me <3

  6. I love the texture of your chocolate's stirring up a chocolate craving!!

    And I love that you share your other manicures with us as well! They're all winners :)

  7. that jellyfish one is INCREDIBLE xx

  8. How did you do the jellyfish mani? I'd love a tutorial! I've tired jellyfish nails 1,000 times, and for me they look like little tumors instead of jellyfish😂

    1. I'm SO BAD at tutorials LOL! I just dotted acrylic paints - cheap liquidy WalMart ones (or water down the good stuff) with a q-tip and then used another WET q-tip over the dots after they just started to dry to "remove" some of the paint.


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