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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Flaky Comparison: Darling Diva Girlfriends Collection vs Finger Paints

Press Sample/Purchased by Me 

As promised, I'm back with a comparison between the new Darling Diva Girlfriends Collection flakies and the old Finger Paints flakies from a few years ago.

First, you can see that the bases are vastly different in the bottle. It doesn't really make a difference if you layer them over black but I have a feeling you could tell if you layered the Finger Paints over any other color. They would be yellow-tinted. Darling Diva's are clear so you could wear those over any shade.

I've matched them up as best I could and except for one (and the base) they are pretty close.

Finger Paints Asylum didn't match anything except the Finger Paints Twisted/DDP The Hottest Hottie That Ever Hottied. I knew they were pretty much dupes for each other (without quite as much of a green shift) back then but I'd forgotten. The base was a smidge thicker in the Finger Paints ones.

Darling Diva Polish's Girlfriends Collection polishes are available now and the Finger Paints ones have long been discontinued.

I don't have Nfu-Oh flakies to compare.

Hope this helps!

Darling Diva Polishes are available at her BigCartel Shop here (and some at her Etsy Store here) and at Llarowe. Also be sure and follow/"like" Darling Diva on Facebook and Llarowe on Facebook to stay up-to-date on availability, new colors, etc. You can also follow Darling Diva on Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. Awesome comparison. I was wondering if you have GOSH Rainbow and Nubar 2010 to compare with Flashy and Hot Mama?

  2. Thanks so much! I was wondering about the microglitter in the Darling Diva flakie polishes. Does it interfere with the look of the flakies? I am thinking she added the microglitter to make her flakies a bit different than the other flakies coming out? I have ordered Hottie and am looking forward to getting it to try out. Hoping I like it lots, even with the microglitter - will be ordering them all if so! Thank you for the beautiful photos!

  3. It says "holographic micro-glitter" in her listing but IMO it's like holo shimmer. You can't feel it at all like micro-glitter. It's much smaller.


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