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Monday, November 3, 2014

Minx Coat: Peel Off Protective Coat - Review

Press Sample 

Today I have a brand new product to show you from Minx Nails - Minx Coat!

Want easy glitter removal? Longer-lasting manicures? Protection from painful split nails while they grow out? Want to stop biting your nails? How about protection from gel and acrylic manicures? Protection from staining?

Minx Coat
Peel Off Protective Coat

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So I've had these for a while testing them. If you've ever applied real polish strips, these will be a cinch. Start with a clean bare nail, choose the proper size, stick on at the cuticle and push it down pretty well then, depending on how curved your nails are (mine have a high arch) sort of gently stretch and pull as you apply toward the tip to avoid wrinkles. Then trim the excess and use a file in a downward motion at the tips to smooth it out. Once they're applied, you can just wear then as a super shiny top coat with no polish, apply gel nails, acrylics, regular polish.

I tested them on stainers, specifically Colors by Llarowe Penny for Your Thoughts and Strawberry Wine. And on a glitter texture polish, Zoya Thea, one of the new Magical Pixie Dusts. I had ZERO staining with these as my base.

As you can see, you can't tell at all.

And the removal was as easy as they claim. I just used an orange stick at the base/cuticle area to get under it and peeled it right off. The part I was concerned about was would it take off any of my nail. It didn't! It was just like peeling off scotch tape.

Below is a bit of information from the company...

Minx Coat a Safe and Easy Solution to Nail Care
The next evolution in nail products

(Fallbrook, CA) Minx Inc is excited to present its newest product, Minx Coat, the nail care
cure-all. With the ability to be applied on natural nails, and under gels, polish, and acrylics,
Minx Coat relieves nails of unnecessary damage, and is easy to apply and remove. While
gels grow in popularity, it has become more and more necessary for manicurists to protect
client’s nails against damage from both the gel polish and the gel removal process. Minx
Coat’s simple application makes it ideal for use underneath gel polish for an easy removal
process in which the gel simply peels off. After removing the gel, the Minx Coat leaves
nails free of damage.

Minx Coat can also be applied under polish and acrylics. Applying Minx Coat as a basecoat
under polish prevents staining and allows for an acetone-free removal in which you can
simply peel off the Minx Coat to remove the polish. Under acrylics, Minx Coat protects nails
from damage, as well as allowing an easy removal. With the help of a poly pro stick the
base of the acrylic lifts easily, leaving natural nails free of damage. As a topcoat, Minx Coat
can be used in a variety of scenarios. It can quickly be applied to natural nails to add a
brilliant shine or over polish to prevent chipping. It can be used to protect painful broken and
split nails, helping them grow out, or to help stop nail biting. For fans of nail art, Minx Coat
easily encapsulates glitter and other varieties of nail art as an easy to apply topcoat.

So what are my personal thoughts? Well, I change my polish at least once a day for the blog. And I don't typically wear glitter polish. So they wouldn't be practical for me at all times.  But if I were going on vacation and needed a mani to last, I'd certainly take the time to do this. Also, if I had a split or injury, I'd use these for the grow out period to protect the nail. They are as easy to apply as any other similar product I've used. Because I've used similar products before, reviewing for the blog, I already had the technique down. I think there might be a bit of a learning curve, especially if you have high arches like I do. The stretch method worked great.

What do you think? Is this something you would try?

To purchase, go to the site here. Also they are coming soon to Llarowe!
I'm not sure of the retail price as I type this but you get 100 nails worth per package.

For more information contact Minx at: 866.757.6469 or
To see Minx Coat in action visit our youtube channel:

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  1. These sound amazing! I definitely want to try them!

  2. I hope I didn't just miss this in the post, but what was your experience with how long your polish lasts with these? I've tried peel off base coats before and my polish tended to come off on entire nails at once after not that much time.

    1. Sorry I didn't mention - I wear tested for 7 days but they would have gone longer could I have waited. They didn't even act like they were coming off

    2. Thanks so much! Definitely going to give these a try. :D

    3. So they stayed on for a week but popped right off when you went to change them? Did you use it with a tried-and-true polish or did you use one that was normally pretty chippy on you? These almost sound too good to be true. I have an overpriced CND UV lamp gathering dust in my closet and an army of miracle products but I still have the same peeling nails I began with. I've all but given up on gimmicks but here I am...

  3. This sounds really interesting, especially for growing out a break.

  4. I see they do have a trial size pack available but you have to be a professional to purchase. Ooookay, why are they generating buzz via polish blogs if we can't purchase? Meh. I think I'll pass!

    1. Hi! You can actually purchase them as a consumer on Minx's retail site I hope this helps you! If you do decide to try it feel free to let us know what you think!

  5. Awesome. And Thea is "your colour" :) must be so much easier to remove those pixie dusts!

  6. WHAT?! This sounds awesome for swatching glitters.


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