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Friday, June 13, 2014

Grunge Roses: A Love Note

Nothing to Disclose

I'm baaaaack! This time, it's a "shout out" to Missy over at Gnarly Gnails. As part of the Digit-al Dozen, she's been such an inspiration to all of us and this is sort of my "love note" to her to let her know we will miss her at The Digit-al Dozen and can't wait to have her back with us soon!

So I've done my own free-hand interpretation of one of my favorite designs by her. You can check hers out here.

Grunge Roses
Tribute to Missy from Gnarly Gnails

I used a base of Pure Ice Black Velour, Salon Perfect Sugar Cube and KBShimmer Don't Pink Twice with a top coat of butter LONDON Matte Finish. Tools: a cut up kitchen sponge and a small striping brush.

She used stamping and decal-making and striping tape and none of those techniques like me one single bit, so I just decided to free-hand. So obviously it didn't come out exactly like hers but decent enough to show her some love I think.

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