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Monday, June 16, 2014

Pretty Jelly and Sticky Nails: Maleficent Duo

*These products are Cruelty Free 

Pretty Jelly and Sticky Nails teamed up to create this lovely Duo with stencils! Maleficent-themed of course.

Pretty Jelly/Sticky Nails
Maleficent Duo

So let's have a look!

Continued after the jump...

First up, Once Upon a Dream.

This polish is a lovely medium blue linear holo. Perfect formula. Two easy coats and no top coat for the photos.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...

And the stencils that came with this polish...

So here's what I did...

For this, I chose the cute little squirrel, the flower petals and the ruffles. I am a bit nail art tool/guide challenged and find it quicker (for me) to just paint the designs on. These weren't too difficult to work with and the instructions set out every single step for you.


I Know You

First, the stencils...

I also tried one with the dragon breathing fire and chevrons...

I found the stencils to be mostly too large for my nail beds so I picked the ones that would fit.

And on to the polish.

I Know You is a gorgeous olive-toned bronze linear holo with a blue inner arc. Again, perfect formula and application. This one was a one-coater! So to prove it, I've only used one coat and no top coat for the photos.

Artificial lighting...


Indirect natural lighting...


What do you think? Favorite? My favorite is I Know You. I absolutely LOVE the color and the fact that it's a ONE-coater make me want to marry it.

The stencils aren't really my cup of tea and didn't work particularly well for me because of the size of most of them. The designs are cute though and combined with the polishes they make for a great Maleficent theme!

Pretty Jelly is going to be selling the Aurora set called “Once Upon a Dream”
Twitter + Instagram: @prettyjellynail

Sticky Nails will be selling the Maleficent “I Know You” set
Instagram: @stickynails

Each set retails for $18 and is limited to roughly 40 sets of each. They went on sale at the end of May so HURRY!

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  1. The colors are gorgeous and the stencils are unique! Your review is amazing!

  2. The colors are gorgeous and the stencils are unique! Your review is amazing!

  3. I Know You is a great color and your swatches are stunning. I was wondering how it compares to CBL Olivia.

    1. Head on over to my FB page - I will do a quick comparison for you!

  4. That squirrel made me GOL. (That's giggle out loud)


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