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Thursday, March 6, 2014

GOT Polish: Golden Oldie Thursday - Skittles Nail Art

Nothing to Disclose

I have a serious problem in that I am always looking for that NEW polish fix when I have so many lovely polishes languishing in the drawer...polish I love enough to save them from purges or the donation box. And yet I don't wear them!

So when Debbie over at The Crumpet put together the GOT Polish Challenge, I was all for it! GOT stands for Golden Oldie Thursday - we pull out a polish that's a year old or older that we haven't worn either in a year or ever. This Thursday is SKITTLES! Truthfully, I've done a few Easter Skittles lately, so I decided to go a different direction this time. Embracing the challenge completely, I've used SEVEN polishes a year old or older and unused/untried.

I used Zoya Pinta on the thumb and pinky, Zoya Dove on the ring finger, Zoya Kieko on the middle finger and Dior Electric Blue on the index finger with variations of those colors for the dots and stripes.

And THEN I used Chanel Azur (I *think* that's older but it's definitely not been worn in a long time) over the index, Elevation Polish Marble Caves over the middle and ring fingers and Max Factor Fantasy Fire over the thumb and pinkie fingers.

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If you want to  join in the fun, you can find out the details here:

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