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Monday, March 17, 2014

KBShimmer - Magic Trio

*Gift - Not For Review
*These products are Cruelty Free 

Okay, so what I'm going to show you isn't technically called "Magic Trio." I just called them that myself. I decided to do a true test on 3 products and the results astounded me.

Now some of you know this and some of you don't, but I really don't use base coats and treatments. I rarely file my nails. When they need cutting, I use a big ol' pair of scissors. If I have to file, I use one of those 4-in-1 buffer blocks and cringe the entire time.

When I got these, I thought how sweet it was and wanted to try them, but figured I'd never really get around to them. Other than the top coat that is. It's one of my favorite top coats.

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But how to test them for real when I don't really use base coats? The ones I've tried in the past weren't bad necessarily, just FOR ME, not really worth the extra effort for the payoff.

But then I had an idea! (Run for your lives!)

Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes are really unique and pretty and I've bought and loved quite a few of them but I don't wear them because, on ME, they don't even last an hour. That's not really a problem I have with most polishes. I go without base coat and I can put on almost any other polish and at most, have minor tip wear after a day or so. But with RBLs, I get such significant tip wear within an hour not even DOING anything that they just sit on my shelves, unused. And I know it's body chemistry because they don't seem to do this on most other people.

I really wanted to wear Stormy and I didn't plan on swatching for a few days, so I decided to put the KBShimmer Trio to the test.

Here's RBL Stormy - I used the KBShimmer Nail Prep - a pH Balancing prep. It's a very thin, quick drying treatment that almost dries like a rubbing alcohol would. No wait time at all. Then I used the KBShimmer Basic Training Base Coat and let it dry before applying two light coats of RBL Stormy and one coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top Top Coat.

Isn't she pretty?

So that's Day 1.

I did dishes, laundry, regular weekend house cleaning...

Day 3

VERY minor tip wear is ALL!

And then the REAL test.

I built a nail polish rack in my garage. I try to wear gloves but you know how that goes. Plus you can't use wood putty to cover nail/screw holes and stuff with gloves, so about 95% of it was done, including sanding, without gloves. You can imagine what my nails are going to look like after all that.


This is Day 4 - after the nail polish rack, more dishes, washing hair, etc...


I honestly never thought I would be able to wear my pretty RBLs but I had NO chips at all and yeah I had tip wear, but after all that, I really thought it would be a lot worse. And check out the shine they still have. Yeah, they're a little more dull than Day 1, but seriously? I was floored.

I've tried all the base coats but this is the first one, along with the pH Balancing pre-polish treatment, that I know I'll wear a lot. Not for swatching or polishes I'm just going to wear for a day because I'm lazy like that, but now that I know I'll be able to have a good-looking mani for more than a day or so, I'll be doing it a lot more often.

These products weren't something I intended on blogging about and were not sent for review, but when I find something this great, I knew I needed to share.

What do you think? Is this something you will try? I'm super excited to be able to wear my RBLs now and I'm sure those aren't the only polishes I'll be sporting for more than a day now! I mean I love doing my nails, but every single day does get old after a while. So that is why I'm calling these the KBShimmer Magic Trio.

You can check them out at the KBShimmer website here - they retail for $5 each and I don't know if they're offered as a set or not but you can follow KBShimmer on Facebook for more information.

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  1. Oh wow!! These really look awesome!!!
    You gave me some serious stuff to think about. I might have to try these too soon ;-)
    Thank you!

  2. Wow, that payoff seems fantastic! Definitely worth the little bit of extra effort. I never get to day four with that little amount of chipping/wearing. I should check these out. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is extremely persistent polish! I might have to try that!

  4. I've been loving the top coat-- clearly I need to try the whole trio! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. :)

  5. Wow, that's awesome! The KBShimmer Top Coat is my absolute favorite so I might just have to give the others a try too! Thanks for the great and honest review! ♥

  6. That is really impressive! See, that's why it's cool to wear base coats (I personally don't care about stained nails as they're almost always polished anyway :), but BCs do help prolong the wear time).

  7. That is impressive! I wonder about that prep tho...could it be drying to the nail? I have a lot of trouble with peeling.

  8. Fantastic post! I think I need to try these.

  9. Well this is damn good to know as I am in love with RBL but get crazy tip wear after a couple of hours as well. And the price point is ridiculously low, so YES! I will be getting them!

  10. I haven't tried the KBShimmer base and top, but I also have the same problem with RBLs, with my base/topcoat combo that keeps everything else on my nails for a week+! It's hard to just sit and look at them, knowing how much I paid for them. If the KBShimmer base/top will keep them on for more than a few hours, I might have to pick them up special just for my RBLs!

  11. Yayy, that's great for you! Those are some really amazing results! :)

  12. I already love their top coat and now I think I'll give their base coat a try. I think I have some issues with my nails chemistry - no nail polish lasts more than 24 hours without chips on me, and tip wear starts just in a couple of hours after painting, no matter if I wear top coat or not... so I'm always looking for some miracle to increase my mani's lifetime :)

  13. Ok, I'm not only getting the hand scrub...I have to get this trio bc I have the same problem as you, only worse, b/c I have a 7 year old and I'm just hard on shoes and nails lol..great your reviews, I know they are always honest! xoxo ♥

  14. I'd be interested to know how well this base coat prevents staining, and if 2 coats would be necessary for that.

  15. Can you tell me if these products are Big3Free?

  16. Polish lasts forever on my nails, but then, I don't own any RBL. The price alone has kept me from buying any of them new. I do see them on blog sales occasionally but I'm still kinda meh about them. I've been more than pleased with the basecoat I always use, and also the topcoat. Even back in my early nail polish obsession days , when I could go an entire week before getting the itch/urge for new polish on my nails, the polish wore like it was in a steel cage! I still try to go two to three days most of the time just because I don't like my cuticles to have that much exposure to acetone. I still use a base and top coat - I just like the manicure to look pretty right up to the moment I get the acetone and cotton swabs out! I can only imagine how frustrating it has been to have those polishes and not to have used them because of the wear problem. Nice to know you have found a solution in that trio. Enjoy your RBLs!

  17. Do you find the pH balancer is necessary to the basecoat being effective? I've been using the oil method to help prevent peels, but it sounds like the pH balancer would work against this.


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