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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Bits and Bobs: March 23, 2014 - A Surprise Custom, My Hyponychium is Showing and GIVEAWAY REMINDERS

Nothing to Disclose

Happy Spring! Yes, the first weekend of Spring. *sigh of relief* I know we haven't even really HAD winter here compared to some of you, but it's been enough for me. Over it.

Another busy and totally unexciting week around here, although I did get a couple of lovely, awesome surprises!

Continued after the jump...

Is that a sweet custom or what? Janice from The Polish Bar surprised me with a custom polish in my favorite shade! I love it SO much!

And a hand-made Key Ring! She used  Rainbow Jello and it's adorable!


Also received a very nice surprise from Kim at Overall Beauty - A Swarovski-studded compact mirror with a regular mirror and a 3X a cute envelope shape!

These are available on Overall Beauty's site, by the way...I just checked!


I broke a nail to the quick so I had to chop them all. Very short. My hyponychium is showing! ACK!

That's Kiko 291 and the lipstick is Milani #34 Violet Volt.


Had a little fun trying the Nimbus Mani, inspired by The Nailsaurus - tutorial here.

I used Essence Break Through, KBShimmer Pansy-Monium and Life Rose On and Glitter Gal White Pointer. (I've linked my original posts/reviews.) It was fun and easy!

And then I decided to see if I could do flowers over the Nimbus Mani before removing it...


I think the Nimbus Mani may be my favorite of the week, but here are a few other posts I've liked this week...

And what I'm wearing right now...

Nails Inc. Westminster - the perfect red-leaning violet purple creme. And it matches my scarf!

Sorry it's a cell pic. Still gorgeous though!


And don't forget to enter the two giveaways going right now!!!


And this surprise one - ENDS IN LESS THAN A DAY AND A HALF!

Have a great week!

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  1. love the colours in that nimbus x

  2. Your nails, even this short, are still longer than mine! *sigh* So not fair! LOL


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