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Monday, March 24, 2014

John Russo Beauty Beverly Hills: Little Fagie - Swatches and Review

*I do not know if this 
product  is Cruelty-Free

John Russo Beauty - Beverly Hills
Litte Fagie

For those of you who don't know, John Russo is one of the top celebrity and fashion photographers in the world. He's fairly new on the nail polish scene though and tonight I have one of his new Spring polishes to show you called Little Fagie.

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Little Fagie is a smooth, berry creme shade. It's actually a medium red-violet - one of those hard-to-describe shades for me that I love so much. This is how I get by with "rose" or "pink" - toss in some purple in the base and it instantly becomes wearable for my cool-toned skin. The formula and application were great - smooth and creamy. No issues at all. No cuticle dragging, no pooling in the cuticle areas, nicely self-leveling. Dries to a high shine. I used two coats and no top coat for the photos. I'm showing it in artificial lighting and indirect natural lighting because it's one of those shades that shows differently depending on the light. The purple base shows more in artificial lighting and the red shows more in indirect natural lighting. Neither photo is color-adjusted. The indirect natural lighting photo is how it looks the majority of the time on me.

Indirect natural lighting...

And artificial lighting just to show you the purple undertones...


As I said, the purple in the base cools it off and makes it quite wearable for me. The formula was great, so that earned it a place in my permanent collection. What do you think?

I received this one from Overall Beauty, where many John Russo shades are available now and retail for $18.00 for 11mL bottles. These are also available at John Russo and in-store at Montage Hotel Beverly Hills. All nail lacquers are Big 3-Free and I don't have confirmation yet regarding whether or not they're Cruelty-Free.

Follow Overall Beauty on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more information and John Russo is on Twitter if you want to check out some of his photography.

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