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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Color Club Safari Garden Collection for Spring 2014

*These products are Cruelty Free 

Color Club 
Safari Garden Collection
Spring 2014

Well I asked on Facebook and Instagram if you preferred to see polishes on my new shorties since my break or if you wanted me to wait until they grew out a little and 100% of you who answered said NUBS! So here they are! Today I'll be showing you Color Club's new Safari Garden Collection for Spring 2014!

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There are six new polishes in Color Club's Safari Garden Collection - 4 cremes, one frosty shimmer and one multi-chrome topper. Actually the topper can be worn alone so it's not strictly a topper, but I'll be showing it to you layered over the darkest creme in the collection so I can show the shifts better. Showing all colors in artificial lighting and indirect natural lighting.

First I had to play around with them a bit. A skittlette and a gradient.


Lion's Den is a multi-chrome shimmer/metallic micro-flake that I've used here as a topper. It's a golden shade that has shifts from copper to gold to green to bronze. No issues at all - one coat over Nail-Robi and no top coat. It can be worn alone in 3 coats.


Nail-Robi is a very saturated indigo creme - dark blue with lots of purple in the base. Just really classy and bold at the same time. No issues at all. Creamy and smooth and nicely self-leveling. This is ONE coat with no top coat, just to show the opacity.


Tribe and True is a very saturated olive green creme. I am such a sucker for this shade even though it's not quite as in love with my skin-tone. No issues with formula or application to report, smooth, creamy and self-leveling. Two coats and no top coat for the photos.


Look, Don't Tusk is a cream creme. LOL - it's an off-white cream shade and the formula and application were surprisingly good for such a light shade. Creamy and fairly self-leveling. Not quite as self-leveling as the others but not a mess either.Two coats and no top coat for the photos. The last photo is with a regular white polish so that you can see the difference because I know it's more difficult to judge the shade of this one when my skin is the color of bleached flour. Sorry!


Safari Sunset is a peachy frosty shimmer polish. This was my least favorite just because it has that frosty look that's not my favorite, but if you're into frosty shimmers, the shade of peach is really pretty. The formula and application were decent - what you'd expect with a frosty shimmer. There were a few brush-strokes, but NOTHING like the frosty polishes of the 80s if you remember that far back. Two coats and no top coat for the photos.


In De-Nile is a pastel sky blue creme.  Nicely saturated and creamy-smooth application. No issues to report at all. Sometimes I have issues with pale cremes like this but this one was really good and self-leveling. Two coats and no top coat for the photos.


So whatcha think? Color Club is one of my favorite budget-friendly brands, not only because they're cruelty-free, but because they always come out with such diverse collections - there's always going to be something for everyone. My favorite is Nail-Robi because it's a gorgeous indigo, it's a creme, and it actually likes my cool-toned skin.

To see the lighter shades on a more photo-friendly skin-tone (and to see Lion's Den shown with no "undies") go have a look at Nicole's swatches over at Nail Polish Wars. While the cream and the peach don't like me as much as I like them, they love her!

Color Club polishes can be purchased at local retailers nationwide and online at various e-tailers or on the Color Club site - prices range from $5.00 to $8.00 per bottle. If you order from Color Club's site, you can get free shipping on purchases of $30 or more. You can also follow Color Club on Facebook for more swatches, previews of upcoming collections and other information.

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  1. Beautiful colors! Love the indigo and the green!

  2. Love the nubs! Not only do they look great on you, they reflect how a lot of women chose/have to wear their nails.

  3. I loved all of them!
    Eva -

  4. I really like this collection; especially the green. I'm glad you decided to swatch before your nails grew longer. Your shorties look great!

  5. Agree - Your short nails look great! I always think shorter nails have a certain special look to them. Sophisticated yet un-fussy.

    Love the indigo and the green!!

  6. Wow! It is rare that a collection comes out where I want every single one, but this fits the bill!

  7. Gorgeous collection! Love Tribe and True!

  8. Hmm I'm not sure about the new bottle design... Just like Orly.

  9. Yes, please never hesitate to swatch with short or long nails. I purposely follow blogs that feature all different nails shapes and lengths.


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