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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dance Legend WOW Prisms - Swatches and Review

*These products are Cruelty Free

Tonight I have 4 of the new WOW Prisms to show you from Dance Legend. There are 18 of these total and I'll have the other 14 for you in the near future. But let me just warn you right now, you're going to want all of them. They definitely named these right - WOW!

Dance Legend 
WOW Prisms

The only unfortunate thing about these polishes is that their beauty is impossible to fully convey in photographs. You must see them in person to fully appreciate them. But I'm giving it a shot.

Continued after the jump...

All of these are glass fleck/micro-flake holos. They remind me of Ozotic 621 (the finish not the color) and OPI DS Extravagance - like if they had a baby. On steroids. In every shade. They are perfectly smooth to the touch even without top coat...all the "texture/fleck" look is inside the polish and brought to life by the play of light. These all have great formulas and are easy to apply - they go on like a crelly. Do take care when applying - using thin coats though, to avoid pooling on the sides. Each one is opaque in 2 coats. The effect is deepened by the addition of a thin 3rd coat. All photos of these 4 are with 2 coats and no top coat, but 3 thin coats is best. Top coat does not dull the effect. (Warning - when you first apply a top coat it looks like it dulls the effect completely and freaks you right the heck out, but as it dries, everything goes back to WOW.)

I still haven't had ANY sun so all of these photos are in artificial lighting and indirect natural light. I can't WAIT for sun to see what these babies look like in all their glory.

I've already given you a preview of #30 Just Another Star if you saw my post on the 4th - Going Purple for World Cancer Day. But in case you missed it, Just Another Star is a gorgeous purple glass fleck holo.

Here's a short, VERY unprofessional video (yes, this is why I stick to blogging instead of vlogging).

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...

I mean REALLY - check out the macro!


Road to  Nowhere #17 is a rich, red-toned brown glass fleck holo.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


Party Time #22 is a bright hot pink/magenta glass fleck holo.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


Behind the Scenes #25 is a gorgeous red-violet berry glass fleck holo.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


I know I keep going on about these, which I don't normally do in review posts, but these are so stunning and probably one of my favorite finishes ever for a polish. I did get tip wear with these maybe a little sooner than with some others, but not significant and NO chips.

My favorites are ALL OF THEM! What about you?

You can check these out at the Dance Legend site and also at Llarowe, Ninja Polish, Color4Nails and various other e-tailers worldwide. You can also like the Dance Legend Facebook page for more information. The WOW Prism line retails for $13.00. Dance Legend ships directly from Russia world-wide, but if you're outside Russia, you can also shop the e-tailers listed above.

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  1. Love!!!!
    Your swatch of the purple was what made me take the plunge and buy 9 of them. I now need road to nowhere, the charcoal one and danger. These polishes are amazeballz. Great swatches and review.

  2. These are unbelievably gorgeous!

  3. These are so stunning and your pics are perfect! Onto the wish list they go!

  4. My favourites from this collection are Night Ranger (blue) and Bullet for my Valentine (red/brown).
    I think I'll also buy Strutter (bright green).

  5. Great swatches! My favorite from this collection is Poison.

  6. These are so beyond stunning!! I'm especially enamoured with just another star and party time, really really special polishes :)

  7. Amazing swatches! I fell in love with this type of glass fleck holo finish when Zoya came out with them and I've been wanting mooooar colors. So yeah, pretty much going to have to buy all of these >.<

  8. Glass flecks AND microglitter!!! How can we Not love them all!

  9. Wow! (No pun intended.) You are so right: I want them all, and that's after only looking at these four. My favorite of these is Road to Nowhere. Maybe I need to ask my boss for a raise...


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