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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Violet Orchid Franken

Nothing to Disclose

I've had several requests over the last 6 months or so for me to show my violet orchid franken. This one came about because I just couldn't find this polish, even among all the indies!

It's not for sale and NO I don't intend to start "making polish." LOL!

Now when I say franken, that's what I me that means taking already existing polishes and additives and combining them to "tweak" them to a color you're Dr. FRANKENstein making his "monster." This is not to be confused with creating your own polish line by using raw supplies, suspension bases, matte bases, pigments, glitters, etc.

No way could I do what they do, unfortunately. I would love the creative part of it, of course, but I couldn't handle the 10 kajillion other things they have to deal with.

So I just call this Violet Orchid. I've nearly run out of the bottle I made so tonight I've tried to make myself another bottle. It's not exactly the same because you know I didn't write it down. That would have been too easy. The new one doesn't have as much spectraflair and it's just about 1/2 a shade off. But it's still my all-time favorite color.

I don't have proper bottles so I've used what I had on hand. LOL! The Sinful bottle is the first one and the Borghese top coat bottle is tonight's attempt.

So there it is. My favorite color ever. It's a red-leaning violet. Meaning it is violet that leans to the red side of violet on the color wheel rather than the purple side of violet.

I will ALWAYS purchase polish if they make the color I want because 1) I am not good at it and 2) I love to support indies and my favorite brands. And I hope eventually I find this exact polish made by a proper maker.

Ideally, it would be a one-coater (like this one) or at most a two-coater - creamy formula, with the sort of holo a-England does so well.

I have several that are close to this and I love and wear them often. But this exact shade just makes my lil ol' heart go pitty-pat.

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  1. That is most definitely your color! Love it!

  2. Yes, sir, yes, sir,: Three bags full!!
    :D I love love love your franken!!

  3. This is so gorgeous! I agree - someone needs to make this colour!

  4. That's awesome - love the holo effect in this one :)

  5. I am in love with purple/violet and their shades, so this one won me over as well! Very very good combination!

  6. Gorgeous!! Have you tried having a custom made for yourself? I know some indie brands do this.

  7. Could you share what you used to make this? It's so beautiful!

    1. I shared what I could remember on my page in the comments under the post. ♥


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