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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Incoco First Crush - Happy Valentine's Day!

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Today I have some 100% nail polish strips to show you from Incoco. This is my third time trying them (to see Tailored Fit - a great tan houndstooth design - click here and Rock Out -a blue stained glass design - click here) and I liked them well enough to purchase these myself! This time I picked First Crush for Valentine's Day.

First Crush

These are so easy to apply - totally unlike the other sorts of strips I tried. Because these are real nail polish, they stretch and it makes it easy for my nail shape. I have a pronounced "C-Curve" and a high arch to my nail beds. Of course, this is only my second time and I think I had a much easier time this time.

These strips are 100% polish, unlike other strips and each one includes a base, color and a top coat!

First Crush is a cream colored base with lots of golden shimmer and the words He loves me. He loves me not. with hearts.

The good news is, Incoco is having a special for all their great Valentine's Day designs! $8.95!

You can also check out their Incoco Blog and other social media in the links below:


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