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Thursday, February 6, 2014

365 Days of Color: In Full Bloom Collection for Spring 2014

*These products are Cruelty Free

Today I'm excited to show you an upcoming collection for Spring 2014 from 365 Days of Color - called the In Full Bloom Collection and it consists of 4 holos and a glitter topper.

365 Days of Color
In Full Bloom Collection
Spring 2014

Perfect for Spring!!! 
LAUNCHING at the end of February 2014

L to R: Blooming Bouquets, Fields of Lavender, Orange Blossoms,
Running Through Meadows and Sweet Pea

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All 4 of the holos in this collection had the same formula and application. No issues at all, smooth and easy. Three light coats for opacity on all of them and I used 3 light coats and no top coat for the photos. Just lovely, soft and perfect for Spring.

Fields of Lavender is a soft lavender holo. As with all 4 of the holos in this collection the holo is a loose linear.


Orange Blossoms is a soft champagne neutral holo that has just a hint of orange, much like real orange blossoms.


Running Through Meadows is a soft pistachio green holo.


Sweet Pea is a soft pink holo that has enough purple in the base to be great with my cool skin tone.


And the glitter topper is Blooming Bouquets. The glitters are all suspended well and come out of the bottle easily. No issues at all with formula or application. Below I've layered it over each of the 4 holos in the collection.

Blooming Bouquets is a clear-based glitter topper with various shapes and sizes of glitters is Spring colors.


What do you think? Didn't I tell you they were perfect for Spring?????? I think my favorites are Fields of Lavender and Orange Blossoms. Which are your favorites?

This collection launches at the end of February 2014. Please check 365 Days of Color's Facebook page for more information and launch date/times.

This collection will be available at the 365 Days of Color store here.  Full size bottles are $8 and minis are $4.50.  You can buy this entire collection in full or mini size for $48 and $24 respectively. Check out Sunny's blog here and Facebook here for more updates! Also check out their line of hand creams and cuticle balms and cuticle oils, including some for men! Link here.

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  1. Wow, these are super pretty and yes, perfect for spring! I think Sweet Pea is surprisingly my favorite but I like them all!

  2. I love how to showcased this collection. So beautiful!! I definitely have to say that Fields of Lavender is my favorite!!

  3. I love the shimmers of these when you get up close!

  4. Gaaahhhhh - I love these holos. While Sweet Pea and Fields of Lavender are my favorites, I would also like to get the other two. And, wow, your nails/swatches - fabulous!

  5. A pistachio green holo??!! Wow. Just wow.


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