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Thursday, February 20, 2014

GOT Polish? Golden Oldie Thursday: Chevrons

Nothing to Disclose

I have a serious problem in that I am always looking for that NEW polish fix when I have so many lovely polishes languishing in the drawer...polish I love enough to save them from purges or the donation box. And yet I don't wear them!

So when Debbie over at The Crumpet put together the GOT Polish Challenge, I was all for it! GOT stands for Golden Oldie Thursday - we pull out a polish that's a year old or older that we haven't worn either in a year or ever. This Thursday is chevrons and I pulled out Illamasqua Ruthless. What with Throb being such red perfection I'm not sure I've ever worn Ruthless.

I love looking at all sorts of nail art - I look at most of it longingly, wishing I could do this or that. Chevrons, however, aren't my favorite. So I decided to do them a bit differently. They're still chevrons in my book, but not the straight lines we're used to seeing.

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I used a base of Illamasqua Ruthless with plain black and white gradient over the top.

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If you want to  join in the fun, you can find out the details here:

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