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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Colors by Llarowe: Spring 2014 - HOLOS!

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Right now I have the last 4 new Spring holos in The Holos Collection - lots of pics so pull up a chair!

Continued after the jump...

So I'm going to start with the one that nearly broke me. The one that is just impossible to capture on camera.

The Mighty Red Baron

This one is simultaneously the most beautiful and the most frustrating polish EVER! It's a gorgeous deep, cool-toned red puddle of glowing goodness. And it's linear! BUT...while it has a strong arc, it's not a rainbow arc, it's a glowy arc. The glass flecks that sit deep within the polish glow like mad. I think it made my camera cross-eyed. So I'll just show you what I got with the caveat that it's more stunning in person. It's like if the best red linear holo had a baby with China Glaze Ruby Pumps...on steroids.

THIS is what it kept doing to my camera...

But I kept trying...

Here you can see the linear arc a bit - but it's stronger in real life...


Concrete Jungle is is a lovely blue-based grey with a loose linear holo. Great formula and application. One coat if you do medium coats. I used two coats and no top coat for the photos. I adore this one and it battled it out with Lucy, I'm Home for the #1 position in my favorites of the entire collection.


House of Blues is a bright blurple (blue purple) strong linear holo. Same formula as the other holos - perfectly smooth. One-coater if you use a medium coat. I used two light coats and no top coat for the photos.


Deanna, It's Blue! is a royal blue strong linear  holographic polish with a light blue/teal flash. Same great formula as the other holos - can be a one-coater if you use a medium coat. As with the rest, I've used two light coats and no top coat for the photos. No issues at all!


Well, that concludes the new holos in the Spring Frenzy Collection!

If you missed any of the others, you can click the name to see the post/swatches of the others:

Lucy, I'm Home
Young Turks
My Big Girl Panties
In Another Dimension

So, what are your favorites? Mine are Lucy, I'm Home and Concrete Jungle with In Another Dimension in 3rd place.

These polishes, as with all of the Spring Collection 2014 polishes, will be available for pre-order at the Friday, February 28, 2014 restock.

Colors by Llarowe polishes are available at Llarowe's shop here. You can like Llarowe on Facebook and follow Llarowe on Twitter for more information and launch times. Holos retail for $12.00, glitters retail for $10.00 and jellies retail for $6.00. These retail for $12.00 each. Be sure to sign up for the re-stock emails if you see something you want that's sold out!

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  1. Gorgeous! Lucy, I'm Home, The Mighty Red Baron and Concrete Jungle are my favorites!

  2. I know I definitely need Lucy, I'm Home! I really hope I get my hands on it tomorrow!

  3. I've never seen anything like The Might Red Baron before - amazing!

  4. Love love love, Young Turks, House of Blues, and Lucy, I'm home!

  5. I want more than a few of these! I've never ordered CbL's from Llarowe's presale, how does it work?

    1. Nevermind, just looked it up on FB. Lol. Your swatches are killing me btw!!

  6. Those are amazing! I love CBL. So glad you are switching the new collection before the pre-order tomorrow. Your swatches are the best! I must have The Mighty Red Baron!! I have been waiting on a true red holo

  7. Oh! Oh! Be still my heart! Holos are just such special polishes. All of these colors are so incredibly, painfully, beautiful! Concrete Jungle, though. UGH. It's going on my Wish List.


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