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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nail of the Day: Elevation Polish XXH-14

Nothing to Disclose 
*This product is Cruelty Free 

Happy Tuesday!!! This morning I have an awesome polish that I don't want to take off - ever. Alas, I must. I'm working on several new polishes for you but I had to drop in real quick to show you this stunner. A really sweet fellow polish-lover (and Whovian) sent me a decant of her OOAK (One of a Kind) from Elevation Polish that I drooled over and wasn't fast enough to grab...XXH-14! Thank you Diana! ♥

And I'm trying out my new Ottlight I got at Jo-Ann the other day for 50% off!

This is one of my favorite shades of polish EVER and the micro-flakes are just perfect!

Of course this one isn't available to purchase, but you can check out all the other great Elevation Polish creations at the Elevation Polish site here.

The SBPs (Small Batch Prototypes) and One of a Kind polishes are hard to grab but it's possible on the restocks if you're fast. The other polishes - regular collections - aren't not difficult to grab though.

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  1. This is so gorgeous! I am SO glad you got it! ♥

  2. Those gold flecks are deliciously gorgeous!

  3. *Happy sigh* - I really do love this polish. I had no idea quite how pretty it would be when I managed to snag it- I just loved how bright it was. It looks beautiful on you!

  4. Hi, you have such beautiful nails :) just wondering what topcoat did you use for this particular manicure? It's so shinny, it looks awesome.


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