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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

China Glaze 3D Fantasy (Tronica) - Swatches and Review

3D Fantasy is the third and last of my China Glaze Tronicas - for now. I have one more on the way now and several more next month, hopefully. Loving them! I reviewed High Def and Electra Magenta previously.

This one has the same creamy, smooth formula as the others but a little less holo. Of the three I've tried so far, Electra Magenta is definitely the most holo. I could barely tell 3D Fantasy had any holo, but I would get a small flash now and then in direct sun. Unfortunately, each time, I was driving, so no photos of that.

The color is a bit hard to pin down. About 90 % of the time I'd call it a medium-toned salmon or a pinkish coral. But the other 10% I swear it was almost orange. It might have to do with the afternoon sun being warmer? See last photo...

Photos are with 2 coats. Some with top coat and some without. Indicated in photo captions.

China Glaze 3D Fantasy - no top coat  (indirect morning sun)

China Glaze 3D Fantasy - no top coat (indirect morning sun)

China Glaze 3D Fantasy - with top coat (indirect morning sun)

China Glaze 3D Fantasy - with top coat (indirect morning sun)

And just to show you WHY it was a bit hard pinning the color down, this photo was taken in full afternoon sun...see how prevalent the orange tones are?

China Glaze 3D Fantasy
full afternoon sun - with top coat

See what I mean? LOL - but the color I saw most of the day while wearing it was a pinkish salmon.

I can't wait to try the rest of them! Still kicking myself for missing them last spring.

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