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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zoya Moxie - Swatches and Boating

I received my free Zoya! Zoya did a promotion for Valentine's Day - buy one get one (any of their reds) FREE - so naturally I took advantage of it. I got a much needed backup of Petra and chose as my "red" MOXIE since I already have Zoya's most perfect red EVER, Zsa Zsa.

Since I've reviewed a lot of Zoyas, I'm going to make this short and sweet and then spam you with photos of my day.

Application, as usual, was perfect. Formula was great. Moxie isn't really red, but it's a great red-based deep raspberry creme. Perfectly opaque in two coats. (It sort of reminds me of Chanel April in certain lighting - I need to get them both out to compare.)

Zoya Moxie

Zoya Moxie

It was such a gorgeous day, we decided to take the boat out. Nearly 85 degrees and uncharacteristically light wind. Plus there's something not quite right about the turbos, so he had to test it out.

This is Moxie in action...

The pelicans were enjoying the day and this one just caught his dinner!  Can you see the fish in his mouth?

Mr. Pelican says "Dinner Time!"

Leaving my troubles in the wake...

Hope everyone has a great evening!

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  1. I picked Moxie as my free red too and I looooove it. I wore it as part of a polka dot mani today =D

  2. So pretty! This will be my next Zoya purchase! Thanks for posting!

  3. That's pretty! And I love the pelican:)

  4. Beautiful polish and beautiful day! I blogged about my Zoya red too! I chose Odilia. My husband wants to take the boat out tomorrow. Gotta love the Texas weather!

  5. Lovely and it looks like you had an amazing day!!!

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  8. I was going to say that it reminded me of chanel april too! Hope you can do a comparison! Maybe i can save a lot buying this instead :)


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