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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chanel April Comparison / Dupe (vs Zoya Bianca)

When I first got Chanel April, I discovered that Pure Ice Rumors was very similar. I did a comparison here.

This evening I found another polish that is even closer! I'm not going to call it a "dupe" because this one came out BEFORE Chanel April. (As did Pure Ice Rumors, if I am not mistaken.) Plus I just dislike the word dupe.

Zoya Bianca.

I pulled out a few to compare...

As you can see, Bianca is closest.  Let's have a better look.

I am a HUGE fan of most Chanels. But with that said, given a choice between Zoya Bianca or Chanel April, I'd choose the Zoya.

1) Bianca was here first (LOL!)

2) Bianca costs $8 on or at select Ulta stores while Chanel April costs $26 on or your local Chanel counter.

3) The formula on Zoya Bianca is smoother and not quite as goopy. (I'm not saying April is goopy - it's not, just a little thicker than Bianca) The application was easier with Bianca. FOR ME.

4) Bianca is just the tiniest bit brighter than April. I prefer that - some may not.

They both take two coats for full opacity and both have a good bottle design and good brush. They're both 3-Free and Cruelty-Free.

So I'd say if you collect Chanel just to collect them, go for April. Otherwise, my vote goes to Zoya Bianca.

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  1. really like this post!!!:) Thanks so much!!I will just get the ZOYA ;)

  2. Hello!
    The review was very helpful! Thanks.. Despite having a fascination with Zoya I might probably get Chanel April because its my birthday month!

    They are quite similar tho!

  3. thanks for the comparison post!! you have just saved me some $! :)

  4. Thank you for the comparison!! :D YAY for Zoya!

  5. great comparison post Zoya it is then :)

  6. Your Chanel dupe posts are THE BEST! Please allow me to link them in my blog :)


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