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Monday, December 19, 2011

Picture Polish Festival Flaky Top Coat Swatches and Review

Festival is a brand new offering from Picture Polish and it's a flaky top coat! And I think flaky fans are going to love it!

Festival is multi-colored flakies in a clear base - blue, green, red, orange, gold...and the flakies are all different sizes.

Picture Polish Festival
I layered it right over Chanel April, which I was wearing when it arrived. I had no application problems, but I did need two coats as the flaky particles are a little more sparse than most flakies I've tried.

Please excuse the tip wear - I've had Chanel April on for about 12 hours and already either have significant tip wear or the Seche Vite top coat I used caused shrinkage. Although, I haven't had Seche Shrinkage with Chanel before.

Picture Polish Festival - one coat
Picture Polish Festival - two coats
Picture Polish Festival - two coats
Picture Polish is an Australian-based company and this polish is available on their website (yes they do ship internationally) or from Leah Ann at Llarowe. I haven't ordered directly from Picture Polish, but I can vouch for llarowe - fantastic customer service!

Here's a photo of it over black (and compared to Ludurana Vento over black)


  1. Oooh, so pretty! I'm hoping this will compare to one of the pretty FP flakies I just picked up, otherwise I'll be drooling for this still!

  2. No FP flakies here yet in Po-Dunk USA, but it's just as well. I can order from Llarowe and it's on my doorstep before I can make it to "the city" anyway. LOVE!


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