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Friday, December 2, 2011

Zoya Petra Swatches and Review

I can't believe I haven't done a post about Zoya Petra yet! I was just sure I had. It's my FAVORITE Zoya polish and it's in the top 10 favorite polishes in ANY brand.  I actually had this one for a while before I ever tried it and since then I've worn it probably more than any other one polish I own right now. It's one of Zoya's "smoke" offerings from their Fall 2011 Smoke and Mirrors Collection.

AND it's a great layering base if you like glitters and flakies.

This one is hard to describe for me for some reason. It changes subtly in different lighting. Sometimes it's a dusty purple. Sometimes a dark grey. Sometimes a perfect mushroom. Zoya's website describes it thusly...

"A dark, smoky, dusky grey creme with strong purple undertones."

Yeah, that's a pretty darned good description. It's a great, smooth creme that applies well and is opaque and even in 2 coats. I do have a bit of cuticle drag with the second coat if I'm not careful to get enough polish on the brush for the 2nd coat. I use Cult Nails top coat or Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat (because I don't have a Zoya top coat yet) because Seche Vite tends to cause shrinkage on this one.

When I realized I hadn't posted about this one yet, I was into my 3rd day of wearing it, so there is slight tip wear and I could probably use another quick swipe of topcoat, which I'd do if I weren't planning on changing it tonight. So this is with 2 and a half days of typing, cleaning, dogs, and just life in general. Pretty good, huh?

Zoya Petra
Zoya Petra
These next photos are ones I found from another time I wore it and I guess I meant to post about it back then. But if you'll forgive the dust I seem to have gotten on them somehow and the lack of cuticle clean-up, I wanted to post so you could see the color variations in different lighting.

Zoya Petra

Zoya Petra

Zoya Petra
It probably reads darker on me than it will some of you. I have the complexion of pasty bleached flour.

Do you have this one yet? Love it?


  1. Actually, you HAD posted on this one before. See how nice it will be to have them all on your spreadsheet? *grin*

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