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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chanel April, May and June with Comparisons (Plus Rose Insolent)

Well, I decided to pass on May. I was thinking I have other pinks (and seldom do I wear pink) that are "close enough."

And I was right! Now don't get me wrong, there are some Chanel polishes I just MUST have, even if I have something "close." But not pink. I swatched it at the counter and compared when I got home. I have nothing that would be considered a dupe by any stretch, but I have a "close enough" considering pink isn't my color.

Here's a crappy shot of my quick "drive-by" swatching of the testers at the Chanel counter. (Additional photos at the bottom of the post.)

One of the new Revlon polishes (in the round bottles with the UV stuff which supposedly provides a "gel-like" finish) called Passionate Pink is close enough for me.  It's a little deeper pink than May, which actually suits me better.

I swatched Rose Insolent while I was there, too and came home to find a really close one - Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Posh Pink is another "close enough" and is actually much closer than the May substitute is. So I'm glad I passed on it.

I came home with April and June. The closest thing I have to June is a franken I made myself, which is a tad bit brighter than June. I like June better. This color probably isn't for everyone but I just love it.

Chanel June

April is a cranberry color with brown undertones. I didn't really have anything like it, either. I did a few swatches when I got home using my closest three polishes. EDITED TO ADD: I was wrong. See my April vs Pure Ice Rumors comparison here.

Chanel April Comparison

Once my nails grow back out some and I have decent sunlight, I'll post proper swatch photos of April and June.

What I DO like about these new releases is that they are all three straight-up cremes and I do love a good creme.

What do you think?

Edited to add photos of April and June...

Chanel April

Chanel April - bright light

Chanel April - truest color representation
April in sun - 12 hours of tipwear:

Chanel April

Chanel April

Chanel June

Chanel June

Chanel June


  1. I gotta say I like April. You are right, sometimes a creme finish can be palate cleansing. Most of the time I am a full on glitter bomb nails-wise, but these are quite pretty.

  2. I may the minority, but I am SO excited about May!! I hardly have any pinks - certainly no cremes - and this one looks like it might be perfect for my skin tone. On the other hand, the more I see June (which I loved at first sight), the more I doubt it's going to look good on me :(

  3. They are all beautiful on you! May and June failed miserably against my skin... so sad. I wanted to bring April home, but it was all sold out, so it's I go.

  4. I'm really not that impressed with April, honestly. I haven't put my finger on it yet, but I think it reminds me of all those polishes I had in the 80s before "other" colors came out like greens and blues and such. Remember when it was just rose this and pink that and dusty this and mauves, etc.? I am sure I had colors just like this. I mean it's okay, but...there's just something about it.


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