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Friday, December 2, 2011

OPI My Private Jet Original Holo vs Non-Holo vs Spectraflair Comparison

When I started swatching these this evening, I discovered something I did NOT expect to find. I love happy accidents!!!  Especially when they are a DIRECT result of my laziness!

I was too lazy to go get another swatch wheel, so I used the one I'd been using from yesterday. Thankfully.  On it, I swatched OPI My Private Jet (original linear holo) and the newer version with some holo, but nothing even close to linear. And then another swatch of the non-holo so I could test out my Spectraflair holo top coat and see if that duped the original.

Here are those results.

First Original Holo (L) and new version (M & R)
Original Holo (L) New (M) with Spectraflair top coat (R)
Original Holo (L) New (M) with Spectraflair top coat (R)

As you can see, the Spectraflair top coat lightens/washes out the color a TINY bit so that they're not identical. Still pretty, still very close but not exact dupes. I'd say about 94%.


What's that I see???  Remember when I first tested out my Spectraflair top coat on 5 different polishes on a swatch wheel? Well, one of THEM is actually almost identical to the original MPJ!!! That's where the lazy comes in. I was too lazy to grab a fresh swatch wheel or I might have never noticed it!

Zoya Petra with a Spectraflair top coat is a near-perfect dupe for the Original MPJ Holo! I'd say about 98%.

Zoya Petra with Spectraflair top coat far left - click to make larger
Sorry I couldn't get a better photo. I'm still learning and trying to get the lighting stuff down.


  1. I've heard about this Spectraflair stuff recently - it's just a powder you add right? Do you think it would work well to add directly to the polish or does it work better to add to a top coat? Also, where is the best place to get the Spectraflair?

    Thanks so much in advance! :o)

  2. Yes, it's just a powder, a very FINE powder (do not use in a room with a ceiling fan on, don't ask me how I know) and I got it from e-Bay seller and she was a pleasure to work with! I fashioned a lil scoop out of a plastic straw to use as a "scoop" and add a little at a time in the size of a grain of rice. But don't add too much or it actually reduces the linear holo effect.

  3. My Private Jet (holo version) is one of my major lemmings! I've just ordered some Glitter Gal to see if I can satisfy my craving for holo, LOL! Sadly, I'm not much for experimenting, otherwise I would def try Spectraflair.

  4. Wowers, now I REALLY need Petra!!

  5. Just headed to zoya for petra and that is not the color you described. Now its a purpleish gray.

    1. Well I'm on my 3rd or 4th bottle of Petra - it's one of my all-time favorites. And I suggest you google actual swatches and not depend on Zoya's description. Their color swatches are always a mile off.

    2. Thanks! I have been looking at swatches and i guess it all depends on the camera and lighting.


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