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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year! My Top 11 of 2011

2011 has been a pretty good year for nail polish!

Hype that disappointed, hype that didn't disappoint and surprise sleepers that knocked it out of the park...yep, it's been a pretty big year in the world of nail polish. Is it me, or is it even more popular now than in previous years? Maybe the economy is forcing more people to do their own nails? More companies getting into the swing of social media? Competition?

Well regardless, we nail polish lovers have reaped the benefits.

I thought I'd end the year with my Top 11 Picks of 2011. I was able to get away with only 11 because some of the polishes I got just this year that I adore so much weren't actually released this year.  I'll recap a few of those at the end of the post.

Let's get started! In no particular order, here are my top 11 releases of 2011.

Zoya Petra

a-England Lady of the Lake

I might have included Tristam in this list if it had arrived in time. It's on back order. *pout*

Cult Nails In A Trance 

Orly Sapphire Silk

Dior Camel

Zoya Yara

China Glaze Westside Warrior

Zoya Neeka

Butter London Wallis

Dior Exquis

  Those are my Top 11! There were many more awesome releases, of course. Lots of them I see on others and they look FAB. These are just the ones I picked for me. As you can see by the list, I'm pretty partial to greens. ♥



Dior Apparat

Revlon Foxy

Butter London Dosh

Revlon Ignite

Chanel Graphite

China Glaze Concrete Catwalk

HITS No Olimpo Apolo


And now for those favorites I got this year but weren't really released this year...

Zoya Zsa Zsa

Orly Plum Noir

Chanel Dragon

Orly Royal Navy

Chanel Khaki Collection (Vert Rose, Vert Brun and Vert Rose)

(sorry in advance for the blurry Khaki Vert pic - but you have to admit, I'm getting better!)

China Glaze Wagon Trail

Wow, lots of cremes in there! Well, that about does it for 2011! I haven't decided which polish I'll wear for New Year's Eve yet. Mainly because I haven't decided what dress I'm wearing. =)

Stay safe and remember, Don't Drink and Drive!

Many many ♥♥♥ from me, Murphy and Twinkie.  All the best for 2012!




  1. OMG. Polish pr0n for my eyes! :D

  2. As always you have excellent taste, I love your picks! Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks everyone! It was hard to pick. And I'm already re-thinking a couple of them - LOL!

  4. Great picks! They all look fab on you!


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