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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Revlon Naughty (Perplex) vs Chanel Paradoxal Comparison

Lots of people have asked for comparison photos of Revlon Naughty (Perplex) vs. Chanel Paradoxal. I did include some comparison shots in another post, but I thought I'd make a separate post so it isn't so hard to find.

No, they're not exact dupes. The Chanel has more complex shimmers and is a tad browner than the purple of the Revlon. BUT, that said, are they close enough for most people? I think so. You be the judge...

Funny how the bottle shot shows the Revlon more brown.

Overall, unless you're using a macro (and I can barely use the "auto" on my camera) you really can't pick up on the more complex shimmers in the Chanel.

Here's my attempt...

I actually prefer the Revlon for the purple and for the brighter shimmer that shows up on the nail.

Also, the Revlon is a one-coater while the Chanel takes two.  All photos are showing one coat of Naughty and two of Paradoxal. No top coat.

In indirect indoor lighting, you really can't tell the difference. The light brings out the differences.

So what do you think? Are they close enough for you?


  1. Close enough for me ;0). Thanks for the comparison.

  2. Hmmm is it bad that I want BOTH of them now?! LOL


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