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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cosmetic Arts Nail Polish

So today I decided to try out the two Cosmetic Arts polishes I picked up for $1.99 each at Ross the other day. There aren't names on them, but one is a dark green creme - I'd call it a Hunter green - and the other is in my favorite color family - mushroom! It's a darkish brown creme that has some grey and purple in it, making it a dark mushroom/taupe color.  Cosmetic Arts is a part of the Color Club family. Don't have all of the details on it yet, but based on the formula, I'd say it was their cheaper line for a reason. But they are cruelty-free and ya gotta give 'em points for that!

First is the green one.

Last, the mushroom one.

Then I did a comparison with OPI You Don't Know Jacques, formerly one of my old stand-by polishes. Not 100% dupes, but I'd say it's about 98%, formula not withstanding. They're plenty close enough for me to not miss YDKJ.

These actually aren't bad for the price! There's plenty of polish in those square bottles (a full .5 ounces) and the brush is okay. Not spectacular, but I didn't have clean-up, so definitely adequate. The first coat was a little runny and gloppy at the same time. I was not hopeful. Then the 2nd coat made all the difference. I did need a third coat to even everything out and fix the cuticle drag I had because I didn't wait long enough between coats.

I'd buy the brand again.


  1. I have several of the C.A. polishes and I absolutely LOVE them! I also have about 35 polishes from the sister line, Color Club. I like these polishes because, generally, they are easy to apply, dry quickly, and last at least a week (which is the maximum I ever keep a manicure before getting bored). Plus, I got all of them at Ross so the price was awesome. I really love that brown, but I didn't see it at my problem though, I have a very similar Revlon shade in Hot for Chocolate.

  2. they are amazing! where did you buy them?! i leave in uk !!! :D


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