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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Butter London Wallis Comparisons/Alternatives

Right up front I will tell you this isn't what I, a confirmed nail polish addict, would call a dupe. But it's close enough to Butter London Wallis to satisfy most or at least hold you over until you can find it.

Sally Beauty Supply had a sale yesterday on the Nina Ultra Pro polishes and I picked up Mossy Britches. Don't you just love that name?

I just posted my review of Wallis here but here are pics in case you missed it.

Butter London Wallis

Butter London Wallis

Butter London Wallis
Unfortunately, I picked up a bottle of Mossy Britches with a defective brush. With as many bottles of NP as I have, you'd think I'd have run across this before now, so I wasn't too upset. But it was too far to drive to exchange it, so I took the brush out of another bottle of Nina Ultra Pro I had but will never wear.

Oy Vey
And just because I think it has the same "look" even though the colors aren't close, I did a swatch of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Bronze Ablaze too...just for comparison. Then I happened by Forever XXI and saw Love & Beauty Olive, once again because I love the "yucky" greens, and WOW! So naturally I included it as well.

So here are my swatch comparisons...

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Bronze Ablaze, Love & Beauty Olive, Butter London Wallis
and Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches
Comparison Swatches (click to enlarge)

Comparison Swatches (click to enlarge)

The winner for Closest Match to Wallis, hands down, is Love & Beauty Olive. All of these are two coats.

What do you think? Close enough for you or will you hold out for Wallis?


  1. It looks pretty on you:3!!! I have 3 BLs so far but I didnt like the application=[ thats too bad, I wanted to like it..but its so hard for me to get to the cuticle!=<oo and I personally think that they always have unique colors!!
    and oooo the mossy britches' brush....@O@

  2. I did an earlier review on BLs and some are a dream and some are so bad I'd never use them again. the ones that are good, though, are really good...thanks for dropping by!

  3. I don't have Wallis but have been lusting after the swatches I've seen - yours are no exception! Maybe I can find the Love & Beauty, it looks pretty close, and I'd be satisfied with that as a substitute, I think. Mossy Britches is just not close enough, haha! WOW that brush. I had a weird one in a China Glaze recently too, and I usually don't have troubles with those.

  4. OMG you're killing me with your Wallis pics!! Thanks for cluing me in! haha


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