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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Payless Shoes Nail Polishes - Brash and Unforgettable Moments Swatches

I picked up almost all of the two lines of polish, Brash and Unforgettable Moments, that my local Payless Shoes is carrying a few weeks ago and I'm just getting around to swatching. And yes, I'm cheating. Nail Wheel Swatchfest.

Without further ado...

Unforgettable Moments:


Overall, they're not great and not horrible. Price point $2.50 - $3.50.

There are a couple of standouts though!

Unforgettable Moments Grape Grey (in the 1st photo) is a dupe for China Glaze Below Deck and it's a creme with decent application. China Glaze formula is better, I think, but this one's not bad.

Unforgettable Moments Sparkling Turquoise in the (1st and 2nd photos) has good application/formula and is a pretty, stand-out color.

Brash, overall, seems to be the better line of the two. One through 5 on the nail wheel all have good application and are fairly unique. I'll wear them.

Sergeant Khaki is close to Rimmel Rags to Riches, but without the frostiness. I like it!

Toxic Purple (2 on the wheel) reads royal purple/royal blue, depending on the lighting and has a good shimmer.

Plum Buzz (3 on the wheel) was the hardest to photograph accurately, and I still haven't managed to do it. It's really a stand-out in person.

Midnight Spark (5 on the wheel) is a great deep navy creme with subtle blue micro-shimmer. Decent application.

Metal Orchid (10 on the wheel) isn't one I'll probably wear, but it really REALLY reminds me of Gosh Gasoline. I'm not calling it a dupe, but they're close in formula and appearance. I didn't like Gosh Gasoline.

Each one obviously needs to be judged individually because there really is no consistency in formula in either brand. (The bumps you see in some photos are from me not waiting long enough between coats.)

If I had it to do over, I'd probably still get Brash Plum Buzz, Sergeant Khaki and maybe Midnight Spark and Unforgettable Moments Sparkling Turquoise.

Polish is EVERYWHERE now!

Will you be getting any of these? Have you already?


  1. I have to say, of all these Sergeant Khaki is my favorite. Big shocker! The rest are not something I would really hunt down, I don't think.

  2. I got a lot of compliments on Sergeant Khaki, had since the beginning of summer, I wore SH hidden treasure it really popped. I have rags to riches, and dont care for it... who knew! I put it in my swap bag lol

  3. So Nicole, you're a fellow green-lover! Yay! Really, the formula isn't *quite* as good as the Rimmel Rags to Riches, BUT it also is a tad deeper and doesn't have that frostiness. It's the winner of the bunch for me, too.

    Oh, EverythingsDiamond, I hadn't even started thinking about layering combos with these! LOL! I don't have Hidden Treasure, but I have several Nubar flakies I might try. Maybe there is a way to wear the other 14 or 15 that I probably wouldn't otherwise.

  4. OMG..Payless shoes now have their own nail polish lines? I didnt know that!!I like the Purple Lace:3
    More and more new nail polsihes waiting for us to bring them home these days....!

  5. Aqua Island is a bright mint color, I found during the summer. I get compliments everytime I wear it.

  6. I love the maid of honor. It's a bright red color. Unforgettable moments brand. It lasted longer then the more expensive brands. Two coats. It's a shinny red. Looks as if my nails are still wet. I wore it for Valentine's Day. I didn't plan to keep it on for this long. But my nails look great. I get compliments all the time. I gave it to my Dentist. She has been great. I wanted to repay her. But I couldn't remember where I got it. So thanks to this. I now know. I hope Payless still carries it.

    But if not. I will try other colors. The price is right!


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