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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Almost Dinner, a Mani/Pedi and a Movie

Did someone say DINNER?

My guy and I ate early, which messed up my whole eating schedule. I'm not quite Sheldon-esque about it, but food and I don't have the best relationship, so I have to be careful not to just blow off eating altogether since it didn't work out according to routine.

I adore anything with a balsamic reduction so I got a steak and started reducing the balsamic. Then I completely forgot about it. What's left of it is now a permanent part of the pot. Arrghh! So I put the steak in the fridge for tomorrow and ate some toast. Meh.

While I was watching a movie, I chopped off all my nails to the quick. I never file them or do anything else "manicure-like" to them. Not long ago, I had to google "cuticle" because I wasn't sure exactly which part it was - LOL! So for the first time,  I opened my manicure kit someone got me long ago. I have to admit I still don't know what everything is for, but I used some of it and even used cuticle creme! Then I polished them a deep true red, Rimmel Burgundy Flirt - no it's not really burgundy - just because a dark color isn't something I would have EVER used on short nails before. I now look like I have little red buttons on the tips of my stubs. But my toes look GOOD wearing NYC Flatiron Green! *grin*

The movie surprised me, though, so that's good. I watched The Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands, John Hurt and Peter Sarsgaard. Ten minutes in, I had it figured out. Thirty minutes in, I was sure I was right. Except I wasn't! I love movies that surprise me. But I also love Capra-esque endings, so I had a love-hate relationship with it overall.

Then it was time for Craig Ferguson and doggie snuggles and everything was right with the world again.

Have a great weekend!

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