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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thrifty Thursday! Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl - Day One of Eleven Swatch Fest

How's "On Sale for $0.99!" work for you? Walgreens has all Sinful Colors polishes on sale for 99 cents so I grabbed another half a dozen the other day and did a full-out swatchfest. Today's Thrifty Thursday post is 1 of 12 swatches that you'll be seeing over the next 10 days. Yes, after today's post, there will be only 10 days because, in spite of having two different names, there are two that are the same polish.

The thing that surprised me most was that the quality and consistency are SO much better than I remember, which made swatching oh so much easier.

First up is Daddy's Girl. This one is a purple jelly that's chock full of purple and fuschia micro-glitter. When I first started to apply it I was shocked. I had no idea Sinful Colors made a jelly! I'm not a huge fan of jellies myself, not because they're not gorgeous, but because for some reason, I haven't mastered application. And as you all should know by now, I hate clean-up! But thankfully, this one was okay. Either that, or I'm getting better with practice! It took two thin coats and then a 3rd thin coat for full coverage and I actually had no trouble with it. I think one thin and one medium coat would work, but with my track record with jellies, I felt safe with three thin coats. Photos are with no clean-up and no top coat.

Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl
Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl
And this is what it looks like under artificial lighting and in the shade.  Totally different!  LOL!

Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl (artificial lighting)

I'm wowed by this one. For 99 cents. Just wowed.

What's your favorite Sinful Colors color?

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