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Thursday, October 27, 2011

2012 OPI "Holland Collection"

According to OPI's Facebook page, they will be releasing a new collection in February called the Holland Collection.

And I am SO HAPPY to see that there are no glitters!!!  I'm not a huge glitter fan to begin with, but recently, we have been inundated with them! Nice to see a glitter-free collection.

OPI 2012 Holland Collection - photo courtesy of OPI
According to their post:

"This coming February your nails will get a taste of elegance with our feminine & floral collection, Holland! L to R: Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, Wooden Shoes Like to Know It, I Don't Give a Rotterdam, A Roll In The Hague, Petal Faster Suzi, Dutch Ya Just Love OPI, Thanks a WindMillion, Red Lights Ahead...Where?, Kiss Me On My Tulips, Vampsterdam, I Have a Herring Problem, & Did You Hear About Van Gogh?"

So what do you think?


  1. Wahoo! I'm so glad it's not just a bunch of pastels!

  2. awwww *0* Just by looking at the pic and guessing, I think I will like the pink, purple and the blue :p


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