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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Butter London Wallis

Butter London Wallis
This one took me FOREVER to get. I'd given up and then one day while browsing around Ulta and no longer even looking for it BAM! There it was. If I'd known I'd love it this much, I would have been more freaked about not having it.

I've given mixed reviews on Butter London ranging from RAVE (Marrow, All Hail The Queen) to two thumbs down (No More Waity Katie, Chancer) here. Wallis is a "rave" for sure.

Smooth application, great formula, complete coverage in two coats, awesome color! It's sort of a metallic olive green/antique goldish bronzy color that changes with the lighting. (How's THAT for nailing it down? LOL!) All the swatches I'd seen online had me torn at first, hence the no-freaking-out-when-I-didn't-have-it attitude. I liked the color but it looked like it had a rough texture, which put me off because I hate polish that doesn't feel glossy. Not so, my friends! Creamy smooth goodness.

And the glorious green flashing out at us!

Butter London Wallis
Click on that photo and check out the lovely color-morphing goodness in the bottle.  Dare ya!

Butter London Wallis
Base coat, two coats of color, though one did pretty darned good, no clean up and no top coat in all photos.


  1. I just got this polish and I'm sooo disappointed! All the swatches I've seen online make it look so bold with lots of contrast, but it's not like that at all. The base is quite sheer and, like you said, it has an antique-y look. Not what I was hoping for at all. :(


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