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Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Nothing to Disclose

Happy Holidays!

I haven't done a lot of Christmas/Winter nail art in the past. Don't know why, just never really could get "in the spirit" in time to do much. But that's changing this year!

I have a Christmas Plaid design for you today along with a sort of "round-up" of the few Christmas Nails I've done in the past.

For today, though...

Christmas Plaid Nail Art

Continued after the jump...

Here's what I used...

Zoya Hunter, Different Dimension All That Glitters is Not Gold,
Chanel Rouge Rubis and Wet n Wild WildShine Black Creme
with a #9 Pure Color Nail Art Brush from Fab Ur Nails

Not so great with the harshness of the close-up photo, but it's ADORABLE at arm's length!

Recent Winter Manis...

Below are the Christmas manicures I've done in the past.
I did quite love the Christmas Argyles...


Please feel free to share your Christmas/Winter manicures on the Pointless Cafe Facebook Page!

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  1. Love these! The last ones you showed are still some of my favorites!

  2. Beautiful designs! And I ADORE that kilted Santa ;-) I need to find one like that for myself! <3

  3. Hi Sheila, Oooh, these are all so cute and festive! You've given me lots of good ideas for holiday nails over the next few weeks. Thanks for going through your files and posting these!


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